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Joe Gibbs Post-Game Press Conference

Opening Statement:

"I think for us I have to say I'm proud of our players, they played their hearts out each and every week. That's about three of the toughest losses I've been through and I think this will be a real test for us. We will be measured down the stretch here and this will be a real tough one because you lose three games like that its going to see what we are made of to bounce back from that. Our guys fought hard today against a very good football team but in the end we couldn't find a way to win."

On the Redskins last offensive possession in regulation:

"We knock it down in there and get called for a holding penalty. I think that was crucial at that point. I'm not sure of where we were but we were down in there pretty good. What we were trying to do was to move it and get a few more yards for the field goal and end up getting a holding penalty."

On losing three close games:

"What is tough about this is we have had three tough losses and those are hard to take. You work your guts out, you practice and make good preparation and go after it hard. We are playing very good football teams and we end up losing three close games like that. That's extremely tough and I think it is a real test when you go through that. So I think for all of us when you get tested in life you see what you are made of. We've got to see if we can bounce back and try and get a win under our belt and see if we can get this turned around."

On this three-game stretch:

"I think for me personally this is about the toughest stretch I've been through. Last year we had some tough losses. This year we've lost three in a row. They were very close and very hard fought. So when you go through something like that it is a measure for all of us. You get measured during adversity. We are going to have to see how we fight back. So far our guys have been unbelievable; practice extremely hard and came out today and played extremely hard."

On the offense:

"For us we are trying to do everything we can to try and move the ball. You take your best shot; it's kind of play-by-play and depends on what it is. We wanted to take an approach today that we wanted to be able to stay after the run and I think we did that. They area very good football team over there. They are number one in many categories and we were trying everything we could."

On Antonio Gates:

"He takes special interest. We were trying everything to have a good game plan. I think Sean Taylor (#21, S) played a lot of coverage on him today but he's an exceptional player. The defensive coaches did a good job of trying to scheme things to do the best we could to slow him down."

On protecting the football better:

"I'm thrilled to see us protecting the football. We did a good job of it today and of course that is progress, which is good. We worked extremely hard on it. We found a number of ways to try and put special emphasis on it. I was proud of our guys today. Everybody protected it and did a good job. If you do that you have a much better chance of winning football games. We know we've been up against it because we have turned it over so much this year."

On trying to get it to Santana Moss (#89, WR):

"We were trying things and trying to get it to him. They've got coverages. It makes it tough to get to him."

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