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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Bears

Opening Statement:

"I have to tell you--that was FedExField the way I sure remember it. I really appreciate it and I want to say to the fans, 'Thanks.' It was a big deal. We needed everything we could get today to win this game. It was a very hard-fought, tough game."

On the Bears' defense and winning the game:

"I think they are a very good defense. I think for us it was just hard-fought. We fought hard all day and kept slugging. That is about all you can say from our side. I was proud of our guys because they've got great heart like that. They found a way to win the ball game."

On keeping Patrick Ramsey out of the game:

"I think our trainers and myself had real reservations. He hurt his neck. Actually on that play, unless I missed something, that should have been 15 yards if I've ever seen it. We are supposed to be watching the quarterbacks and protecting them. He had a strain in his neck and for me personally, I felt like Mark got in there, looked pretty smooth and looked good. I felt like I could stay with Mark."

On staying with Mark Brunell:

"I have to see how this all shakes out. We will see how everybody heals up and then I will sit and look at it and decide what we are going to do."

On Chicago's defense:

"I felt like for them that was about as good as pass protection as I have seen against our guys. I thought they did a good job. I was proud of our guys to continue to keep pounding it, particularly the last drive. I think we started that with five minutes on the clock and gave it back to them with less than two minutes. I have to give it to Clinton. He kept pounding it and pounding it."

On Santana Moss:

"Santana brings a lot to the table for us. I think he is an excellent down-the-field guy."

On his tough 4th-and-1 call on the goal line in the third quarter:

"I held my breath the rest of the game. What I felt was I was not going to leave that end of the field without the lead. I wanted to make sure that we came away from there with the lead."

On turning the ball over in the second half:

"We turned the ball over and it was extremely discouraging to us. The one thing that we still have not grasped for ourselves as a team is that you really should not run the ball game when you are on the minus side on the giveaway-takeaway ratio. We have stressed that and watched films on it. We still turned it over today and we can't do that."

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