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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Bengals

On the Aug. 19 preseason game:

"We're going to look at the film tomorrow and see some good things, but right now we are our own worst enemy. We don't protect the football, and when you do that you lose football games. Until we do that, we are going to be fighting an uphill battle."

On the play of Patrick Ramsey:

"Patrick did some real good things. He made some deep passes and made some key plays. Then we turned the ball over. We know we can't do that. Patrick knows we can't do that."

On the fans' reaction to Ramsey's first interception:

"Quarterbacks go through a lot of emotional things. Unless they have a tough outer shell they may not make it in this league. They are subject to criticism. Quarterbacks know that it's part of the position."

On why he played just two quarterbacks:

"I decided I would go longer with the [first team] offense, like I did last week. Allow them to create some rhythm. I decided to let Mark finish the game, since we played Patrick so long, and try to bring us back."

On the play of Mark Brunell:

"Mark is playing very competitively. It's good for him. It's good for our fans to see him play healthy. He's quick. He's got his legs under him now and had some good passes. It's good for him, and it gives us someone with talent behind Patrick. It's good to see him do that because I think a lot of people took notice last week."

On the play of rookies Nehemiah Broughton and Carlos Rogers:

"Nehemiah has played two solid football games for us. Until I look at the tape it's hard for me to say more on his individual play. Carlos looked right at home on some plays. He did get beat on that one play, but that's part of being corner. It was good to take a look at him. I think there may be some surprises on the team. Some guys who you wouldn't think would make the team have played well and given themselves a chance."

On the elbow injury of Clinton Portis:

"It's something that we evaluated as the week went on. The elbow will always get hit. It's nothing serious, but it started to bother him. We worked him out pretty hard and decided that it was the best decision not to play him."

On the play of Antonio Brown:

"I've talked about Antonio from day one. Antonio Brown has a great story. He had a tough background. Now he goes hard on every play. He has a great burst of speed. He's going to be a valuable guy for us."

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