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Joe Gibbs Post-Game, Redskins-Carolina

On the preseason game against Carolina:

"For us, we have a long way to go. I'm anxious to get home and look at the film. We had a lot of guys who played well, but in general we had a lot of mistakes. You can't turn the ball over that many times. On defense, I think there's going to be a lot we can learn from that, with penalties and sustaining drives down inside. We're going to have to go home and we have a lot of work to do. I'd also say Carolina, thumbs up to those guys, they did a great job tonight. We have a long ways to go."

On leaving the offense in for most of the first half:

"Yes, I felt like we were going to go for a ways. I wanted to see our guys play. We had cut down the work in practice a bit, because we had so many injuries, particularly on defense. So I wanted them to play in the game for conditioning and develop a rhythm there."

On Nehemiah Broughton:

"Yes, he did play well. I think what we'll see on the film is that we have some guys who played well. When you make so many mistakes, it's kind of hard to see anything positive there. I'm sure we had some guys play well."

On Ramsey's interception in the first quarter:

"Actually, we were trying to go downfield but they were playing fairly soft on us. Our offense tonight was a first outing. I left them in quite a ways and we had a long ways to go each time we had the ball. Like I said, generally for us, we have a lot of work to do."

On Mark Brunell's performance:

"I thought Mark was very competitive. He made some good plays and moved around in the pocket. That's just where I was standing. But I thought he was very competitive when he got in there and he led us on a good drive. He made some plays."

On Clinton Portis's one carry in the game:

"I think we played Clinton about four or five plays, but I wasn't planning on him going very far."

On returning to coach in Charlotte:

"Well, we love Charlotte. I have a lot of respect for the Panthers. I've been here and I've watched them. I've gotten to know Jerry Richardson [Panthers owner] in a lot of different ways and I've had discussions with him at different times. I know a bunch of guys on that staff, Dan Henning and Richard Williamson. I think they've done a tremendous job here and they're just a couple years away from the Super Bowl. So I've watched them and I have a lot of respect for them."

On Rod Gardner:

"I think with Richard [Williamson] coaching him, I think they have a good deal there and I think Rod will have his best year. That's what I predict for him."

On Jason Campbell:

"I think Jason had some good and bad there, like a lot of our guys. I'm anxious to see what happened on the exchange there. The reason I was calling all of those time outs, I wanted to get him back out there and I wanted to get as many plays as I could with him. He did some good things in there. It'll be fun to watch him play as we go here. I like our depth at quarterback, I like what we have there, so we'll see."

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