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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Cowboys

On Sunday's 22-19 win over Dallas:

"I've never experienced a thing like that. There were so many plays that could have gone either way. I really appreciate the heart of our guys. They put up a great fight. It was a real battle back and forth. I've never seen a finish like that. I took the greatest heart in our players, their character and the way they kept fighting. I couldn't be prouder of a bunch of guys. Our fans, even being 2-5, that place was electric; our fans are unbelievable and add a lot of energy to our football team. I know we couldn't have played like that anywhere else. I couldn't say more to thank them and I really appreciate them. This was an exceptional experience I don't think I will ever forget."

On if Sean Taylor (S, #21) set up the winning play:

"Absolutely. On a play like that we would want a player to pick up the ball and go. If I was going to put the ball in someone's hands it would be his. He has an unusual way of making things happen. I told him in the locker room that I really appreciate his leadership. This year he has really been first class, top flight and hard working every day and I really appreciate his leadership. That was a great play and I think he would make a great running back. I think he was one in high school and I told him he could play running back for us."

On the player's reaction to him in the locker room:

"Everyone was so ecstatic on something like that. They really did feel the presence. They had a meeting themselves during the week in confidence so I don't know what was said. I could feel some of the things in the locker room and some other things this week. I think at 2-5 if you don't watch it, there's a lot of negative in everything that can affect you but I thank God we have the kind of guys that we do. The credit goes to them, they fought their guts out. There was a lot of heart from both teams."

On standout players:

"It was Troy (Vincent, #23) that blocked the kick and I asked him if he's ever done that before and he said No.' He hasn't had a block in his whole career. There were a lot of heroes today. Nick (Novak, K, #3), I was so happy for him to have him bounce back and make a kick after having that first one get off line."

On the Redskins' offense:

"I think it was sporadic, but you have to give a lot of credit to their defense, too. It's hard to make something go against them. It's hard to be really consistent, we made some big plays is what happened. I think we weren't as consistent as we wanted, but we had some big plays like the run from Clinton (Portis, WR, #26)."

On the team's play in the third quarter:

"Our guys just kept firing and playing even when it was discouraging in the third quarter. We made a special effort to want to play great in the third quarter when we came out of the locker room. We had good kick off coverage, but they took the ball down the field and scored. You would think at that point that everyone would be in the dumps, but instead they just kept fighting."

On his emotions during the fourth quarter:

"Mine were probably the same as everyone's. I was distraught. When he went for the field goal and the explosion of when it got blocked. I thought overtime. To see Sean (Taylor, S, #21) pick that ball up. I have never seen an end to a game like that."

On Redskins Wide Receivers without Santana Moss (WR, #89):

"Our other guys played great. I saw James (Thrash, WR, #83) make plays and Brandon (Lloyd, WR, #85) made big plays for us. It's a shame to have had that one get called back. When you miss a guy like Santana (Moss, WR, #89), I thank all three of our guys that were healthy. And I want to say that David Patten (WR, #20), couldn't go. I had a meeting with him earlier in the week, it was emotional. He said, Coach I can't believe this.' He has a high hamstring we thought he would be able to play, he worked out before the game and couldn't. The other three, I can't say enough about them. Randle El (WR, #82) made plays to throw the punt return. James made some key plays. I love the guy and his work ethic. I think Brandon stepped up. He wants us to go to him and feels he is a big play guy and I would have to say he is."

On what Bill Parcells said after the game:

"Nothing really of substance, I think we both were saying, Thank God.' We were so exhausted."

On talking to Nick Novak (K, #3) between kicks:

"I didn't say anything to him. I saw some of the guys talk to him. I understand that world. I do better when I don't talk to him, because I think I make him nervous. It's a tough world to be in because everything is on the line, and you see how hard your buddies work. He had a game winner for us last year when he was here. I really like him and I think he has a really bright future."

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