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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Eagles

On the 21-19 loss to Philadelphia:

"I told our players that I was proud of them. Deep down, I thought that they fought, and I told them that is the most important thing to me and I would go anywhere with them. I thought we physically wanted to play hard and I thought we fought the entire 60 minutes. The things we really hurt ourselves, obviously the Eagles are a really good football team, I'm not trying to take away from them. Turnovers - that part of it we can correct, we are going to have to. I'm proud of the way our guys went after it and am proud to be with them."

On how the Redskins statistically dominated, but still lost:

"I am disappointed. I'm disappointed for our guys and our fans. We wanted to play hard; they beat us up there (in Philadelphia). We wanted to come back and match up with them. We played hard and we played physical."

On the problems the Redskins encountered:

"There were a number of things that happened to us. Casey Rabach (C, #61) broke his hand and had to come out, so that changed our goal line substitution. That's how we got caught with the 12 guys in there and we had a guy that has never been, but had to play tackle in there that wasn't aware that you can come off of the field after you signal that you are in as an ineligible receiver that becomes eligible."

On the fans at FedEx:

"To our fans, I just want to say to them that I'm sorry we have lost this many games and certainly it's disappointing for all of us. For our team today I was proud about the way that they went after it and I think that anyone could see that."

On going for field goals instead of touchdowns:

"Depending on the situation, I thought with each case it was the smart thing to do."

On taking Ladell Betts (RB, #46) out and putting in T.J. Duckett (RB, #36):

"That was a lot of yards rushing. The guy (Betts) had a fantastic day. T.J. (RB, # 36) is also our goal line runner and he goes in on those situations."

On next year's situation at running back with Ladell Betts (RB, #46):

"We think we have excellent running backs. T. J. (Duckett) (RB, #36) didn't get much of a chance today since Ladell (Betts) (RB, #46) was having such a big day, but we also have Rock (Cartwright) (RB, #31) and Clinton (Portis) (RB, #26) will be in our backfield next year. I think we have an excellent group. I really appreciate Dan (Snyder, Owner) and everyone in the front office getting Ladell (Betts) (RB, #46) signed. That is a big deal for us. I appreciate him and his agent. Obviously someone in that situation doing as well as he is could choose to sit out and go to free agency. I appreciate him signing the contract. The other thing is that he seems to love Washington and the people here. We all do, it's a great football town and there is no where else I'd rather be. We just have to find a way to go in the right direction."

On now having an overall losing record:

"We talked about that this week. We didn't want to have a losing record. There was a lot wrapped up in this game, just like the next one (New Orleans) for me. The way we finish is what people remember. It's the way we play down the stretch, even if it's just pride, it means a lot to us. Hopefully it will reflect that on the way we play. Now we have some tough stuff coming up. These guys this week are a tough place to go play."

On the sack by Brian Dawkins (FS, #20):

"That was a blitz and it came from the side. They did a really good job on it. Jason (Campbell) (QB, #17) tried to come out of there and make a play on it. I think it was a good call on their part."

On Jason Campbell's (QB, #17) performance:

"Every play that he takes out there is a learning experience for him and something else for him to gain experience from. He would probably say there are a number of things he would like to have back and do differently, but sometimes the only way you get that is by playing. There were a lot of different experiences in there. I was proud of the fact that we had such a bad first half and he had a tough first half, to see him come back and fight says a lot about him."

On Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82) playing in formations where Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) usually plays:

"I think we have really good depth at receiver and all of those guys are going to play a bunch. I feel really comfortable and that's what we tried to strengthen during the off-season and I think we did. Those guys will all play. At some point we will probably get David (Patten) (WR, #80) healthy too."

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