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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Falcons

On Sunday's 24-14 loss to Atlanta:

"We started off the game doing some real good things. Game plan-wise it was what we like to do. Somewhere in there, we quit making plays and then we made a couple of bad ones and they picked up momentum. I think our guys fought hard but we didn't make enough plays. Throughout the game we lost our momentum and quit making plays which is what it really amounts to. We have stuff that we believe in. When we stick with it, I think we can win football games. It's a tough time we're going through.

On the Redskins' final four games:

"Each one of these games from here on out is precious. We're going to fight our guts out. We have something we believe in. We are going to practice that way and continue to stick with it."

On losing a 14-0 lead:

"We'll take a look at it. We made some mistakes in there, of course. We just lost momentum. That's what happened. Even in the second half, we came out there and set our goal to play hard and go all the way down the field. That was a frustrating drive for us as an example. We get down there and then get the ball batted into someone else's hands. We got real pressure in the red zone. That's an example of us starting out the way we wanted to start the third quarter and then not making a play and giving the ball up."

On the performance of Jason Campbell (QB, #17):

"Certainly, there are a lot of things in there that Jason would like to have back. It was a learning experience for him. He's a young guy. It was a tough day for him. That's a process they have to go through sometimes. You hope it wouldn't happen but I'm sure when we look at the film it will be a very good learning experience for Jason. It will be something he takes a look at and will be a better player because of it."

On clock management at the end of the game:

"We took our shot where we felt like huddling up would give us a better play. Again, we weren't very smooth there. Again, I think it's a learning experience. It's not all Jason's fault there. Certainly, there were some things we could have done more smoothly in that situation. Two minute drives are tough. You have a lot of pressure and we didn't handle that the way we would have liked to. Sometimes it's a communication thing too. Jason's out there going through some of this for the first time I'm not putting it all on Jason. I don't think we all handled it the way we should have."

On the stalled offensive production after the first two series:

"We set out our goals for the game and when we started out, we were operating about as good as we've operated all year. Then we just couldn't sustain our momentum. We didn't make plays. We put a play in their hands. We had a game plan set but we just couldn't stick with it."

On Atlanta blitzing during third downs:

"Certainly, pass protection is a big deal and there's a lot involved with it. Sometimes it's sight adjustments and sometimes it's not getting a block properly. I think pass pro up here is the key in the passing game and they did get pressure on us today."

On Shawn Springs (CB, #24) being inactive for the Falcons game:

"That was a real disappointment for us. It came down towards the end of the week and Shawn said he had something slight on the bottom of his hamstring is where he described it. We felt like he was going to be fine. We brought him over here and worked him out and he said he could still feel it. We don't want somebody playing like that. It was a tough decision for us. Shawn played great for us last week. He's one of our leaders and we lost him right before the game."

On the kicking situation:

"It's something we'll still talk about. We had a game plan there. What I wanted to do is let (Shaun  Suisham, #6) kick and see what he did but I also wanted to keep Nick (Novak, #3). The fact is we have to be more accurate on field goals and we need more distance on kickoffs."

On the performance of Shaun Suisham:

"I thought Shaun hit it well (on kickoffs). On the field goal, he gives us distance. It was left but I think it was long enough. That's something we'll just have to work our way through."

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