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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Saints

On the Redskins' 16-10 win over the Saints:

"From a Redskins standpoint, I have never been prouder of a bunch of guys. With everything that has happened to us this year, to come in here against a real good football team&they have an excellent football team. They've done a terrific coaching job. (They are) a terrific offensive team. For us to go out and play like that, I was really proud of our guys (to win today). I have never been prouder of a bunch of guys. It was a fight. It was a pride game for us. I was really proud of the way the guys stood up and played hard. I think they played as hard as they could play. I've never been prouder."

On the Saints:

"The Saints, our hat is off to them. Like I said, a terrific job here. A great coaching job. I think they have done a miraculous job putting everything together. I know how hard it is. It's next to impossible. They've done a great job. If we can't be in there (the playoffs), we wish them the best as they travel down the playoff road."

On Carlos Rogers:

"He means a lot to us. We need him to play like that. With everything that has happened to him with injuries here, I think now he's starting to get in the groove and be one of the corners that you put out there and leave out there. Hopefully, it is a confidence thing for him. It should be."

On the play of the Redskins offensive line:

"I think they've taken the physical approach. I'm just really proud of them. With all the injuries, it would be very easy for our guys to say 'Hey, we're checking it in,' but that's not the case. It's the character and the type of people we have on this football team that gave us this today."

On Ladell Betts:

"I think Ladell has made a real statement. We know Ladell is an exceptional back. The way he stepped up, he has led the team is what he's done. Since Clinton went out, I think he's kind of taken the role. He's making a statement for himself. It is super important for us. I think it says a lot about us down the road that we have the quality backs that we have."

On Jason Campbell's play:

"Jason made some plays. As Jason develops--last week he hit fades, which is a big thing for him. Each week is kind of like a new chapter for him. He missed some plays today that I know he would like to have back. I think it's a growth process for him. I think getting a win down here is a huge deal. He now has two wins. That's a big deal for a quarterback.

On the Superdome crowd:

"To go into a tough place like this, you don't get any tougher than that right there. With the crowd, it is hard to hear. We had a couple of [bad plays] there where we couldn't hear the snap. It's a tough place to go and play. That again, you can't go in and give somebody. He has to go in and experience it. Hopefully, as Jason [Campbell] gets those experiences to go out into a place like this, he gains confidence."

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