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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Texans

On the game:

"From a Redskins standpoint, it's been a long six weeks that we have not had anything to cheer about. I'm really proud of our guys. They could have easily got down on themselves in that period, but I don't think that they did. They are a bunch of guys that made some really big plays, they have great character. I'm really proud of them. I think they came out today and obviously I think there are a couple things that we can do better in the game, but I'm all focused on the things we did well. I have a lot of respect for Houston and I think the team does a lot and that was good, because we came down here with a genuine respect and went after it real hard. It was a good day for us it has been a long time since we have had something to cheer about."

On Mark Brunell:

"He can't do much better than what he did today. He threw everything pin point and made some very good plays. Mark is truly a competitor, I felt like this last week he took everything to heart and he personally told me he had not been feeling like he had been doing his job well and he wanted to do better. Actually, that is how our whole football team is feeling, we are kind of all together today special teams made plays we had some great kickoff recovery."

On the defense:

"I felt like the defense did what they had to do. They did a real good job of containing, what I think is a tough scheme to contain with all the naked boots and the QB being very efficient in what he does and two excellent outside receivers."

On the offense:

"Offensively, I felt like we were running the football and taking the shots when we had them. We were missing points, thanks to penalties--we have to really spend a lot of time with that because that can really hurt you. Like I said I really want to focus on the good things and we will look at the film tomorrow and see what we need to work on."

On the running game:

"Obviously (RB) Clinton (Portis) is one of our leaders I don't know that he needs a lot of tips I'll put it that way. I think (RB) Ladell (Betts) had a heck of a game, and it was good getting Clinton back in there. I think he feels good I don't see any major aspects of his shoulder. He certainly ran hard for us and made good plays for us."

On the TD play before the half:

"We were going to run an inside trap, and I was going to try to call a timeout as quick as we could. Curry Burns thought that he was going to get tackled down there on the five and we wouldn't have a chance to get a field goal, but I thank goodness we were able to get in the end zone. I think there were like one or two seconds left and hopefully that was the better call, I mean, that is what we were trying to do, trying to set up a field goal and broke threw the whole."

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