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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Titans

On the loss to Tennessee:

"Obviously this was a huge, bitter disappointment for us. It's all of us together, and certainly that starts with me. The good thing for us is that it is all of us. Really it's special teams, defense, offense, and I include myself in that, and that's the way we are going to get out of it. It's a matter of us all sticking together, and that's the way we are going to have to fix it."

On the way the Titans ran the ball:

"That's going to happen to everyone. Generally for us, that's one of the keys to the defense is to not let anyone run on us. Our defense knows that, and that's part of our formula. If we play well, people don't run on us. I don't reflect just defense, our offense and special teams didn't execute. I think it's all of us and all of us together will work our way out of this."

On preparation for the game:

"I think every team can beat every other team. This is a team we talked long and hard about all week, and tried to do preparation. I think our guys saw it, they saw the film. We played the first eight plays against the Indianapolis game. We reviewed last night how they took the ball right down the field to score against Indy. They played a heck of a ball game last week against them. I think our guys understood what we were up against. We just couldn't make the plays today to win the ball game for us."

On future QB changes or calling plays himself:

"I'm not going to be calling the plays myself. I'm focused right now on fixing this. I will look at everything. I'm not focused on any one person. I'm not focused on the quarterback or any one person; I'm focused on all of us together. I don't look at one person or one area; I look at the overall picture for us. A lot of the time when there are a lot of things off across the board that has to start with me."

On momentum shift after Brandon Lloyd's (WR, #85) major play:

"I think the momentum did. You have to earn everything you get. We felt like things switched for us, and hope you are going to get things going on your end of it, but we didn't."

On Mark Brunell (QB, # 8) receiving attention from the athletic trainers:

"On one of the plays toward the end of the half he had a toe nail get ripped off of his foot. I'm not sure what happened. He said he was ok, and our trainers didn't think it was anything major."

On the fans booing at FedExField at the end of the game:

"Our fans always do their part. They are great. I'm always sorry we don't give them enough to cheer for. They are always doing their part, they are always there. I appreciate them and I know our players do. I know our players have a real desire to play well in front of them, to give them something to cheer about. Today we didn't, and we need to get that done."

On Vince Young (QB, #10):

"He is an exceptional football player. He is really cool and calm. I think they do a good job in the way they use him. He can run and is obviously a very good passer. I think he's one of the premier football players in the NFL. He played football for a long time and in college no one did some of the things he did. I think they have a really special person."

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