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Joe Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Vikings

On the Redskins-Vikings game:

"It's never one play that cost a game like that. Everyone that played tonight and coached could have done something different to help us win that. We are all in it together. We are proud of our guys on the fight standpoint. In a game like that there are many things that cost you. There were costly penalties and we had a tough time getting the ball down the field. They made the last play, the one that counted. When we get down there we need to make it count."

On losing the season opener:

"I wouldn't coach people up on what to say or do. For me, it's a long season, but the first game is important. Now that it is over with, we need to look at the next 15 games and focus on doing things better."

On Clinton Portis (RB, #26):

"He is one of our leaders. I felt he played hard tonight."

On not calling all of the plays tonight:

"It is a different role for me, but one that I think is best for us."

On the team's preparation:

"I felt comfortable with our preparation and I will not second guess."

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