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Joe Gibbs Rookie Camp Media Session

On the first Rookie Camp practice:

"We had good work for our first day. I congratulated the scouts because normally we would sit down today and have a real review, and if there was somebody we thought was totally out of it or that wouldn't have a chance or might get hurt or something we would go ahead and make a decision there. But I don't think there is anybody in that category. I think this is the best group we've had of undrafted guys. They were a pretty impressive group and I'd be surprised if some of them didn't make a real run at it."

On LaRon Landry's performance:

"Well, I think everybody's just getting started. It's hard because the coaches are just trying to get to know him, but I think he looked good. We had a good work out with him so we kind of know that he's not as much one you look at out of so many of the guys out there. The coaches are just trying to get to know everybody at their positions. We really saw the guys that you don't know something about that you are trying to look at somebody that shows some promise or flashes. I think we had some of that."

On how many of the players might make it to training camp:

"I would have to say something like 15, 16, or 17 probably. I've said to them and all of our teams here that there have been great stories in the past. I think our Super Bowl teams were made up of roughly half of them that were free agents or somebody that was released by somebody. Danny (Smith) this morning was showing some special teams stuff of when Vernon Fox blocked a punt and I said, 'There's a guy that came to us last year, that had been released by somebody else, that winded up making a big impact for us down the stretch and did some good things for us on Teams'. So you have stories like those that you share with them and some of those guys are not the biggest physical person or anything else but they are hard-working and they fit in with you. I think there will be some good stories that will come out of this if I had to guess."

On Derrick Blaylock, who has played for Al Saunders:

"I think he [Al Saunders] and Bob [Saunders] brought Blaylock up and said 'Hey, we think he's a great guy' and yeah we have a couple of those. In general though, there are a lot of guys out there right now and we're just trying to figure out who everybody is and everybody is nervous. They will get a lot of stuff, these next three days, thrown at them and that will give us a pretty good idea too of how fast they can pick things up. As the position coach continues to work with them and as we have more and more tonight and tomorrow they're going to get a big load and so we will get a feeling of how they adjust to all of that."

On the local players participating in camp:

"In particular the local guys here said, 'Hey, I want to go to the Redskins' and they turned down some other stuff to do that and I appreciate that. There were a couple stories like that and to be quite truthful there were a couple agents that said, 'I can't believe I'm doing this. The guy's been offered more money some place else, but he wanted to take a shot and come be a part of the Redskins.' I think that means a lot to you, certainly we think a lot of the Redskins and the traditions, and some of the guys that grew up here close really appreciate it."

On the family background of many of the drafted players:

"I think if they grow up in an athletic background where they would have people nurturing them and bringing them along, I think I mentioned the fact that their dads lots of times were big influences hard-coaching them and everything else, so I think there is probably an advantage there. Matter of a fact, I was chatting with a couple of them and I said, 'Did you watch your brothers and your dad' and they said, 'Yeah it made a big impact on me and I made up my mind that that was what I wanted to do'."

On Jordan (Palmer):

"I think there are a lot of quarterbacks playing up here that have had either a dad or a brother that played in the NFL. The best part of what seems to happen is, quarterbacks in particular, have to be good and sharp football guys to have a chance up here so certainly I think that helps."

On being back on the football field:

"I think for all the coaches as much as anything the rookie mini camp winds up being where the coaches get all caught back up and get in the groove again. Getting back into the practice routine and everything I think is exciting for the coaches rather then sitting there looking at film. Its kind of fun to get back out here and get going."

On the players that were drafted:

"We did a lot of research on them. We know more about them than some of the other guys. Its too early. You can't have one practice out there, but I think they look like what we thought we were getting."

On the enthusiasm of the group:

"To be truthful, they are kind of quiet and kind of scared. The veteran group will give you some more static. They are normally complaining about a bunch of things by now. But there is something to that, I think everybody last night in the meeting was trying to get them to relax a little bit because you can imagine they go in there a little uptight. It's something they've dreamed about so you try to get them as relaxed as you can."

On LaRon (Landry) saying that the practice was tougher than he expected and that the speed was definitely an adjustment:

"I think a lot of those guys were probably on the dinner circuit. They haven't been working out as much. We worked them out down there and he was excellent in the work out. But when we come out here there is big difference when you go from an hour and 55 minutes and all of a sudden the pressure is on. Its always a little bit of a shock to them. That's probably good though, they probably need a wake up call to what this will be all about."

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