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Joe Gibbs Scrimmage Media Session

On his overall impressions of scrimmage:

"We appreciate the Ravens--it was good work working against them, they had a good attitude about it. I think we came out without injuries, which is good. We looked at all the guys we wanted to look at. We decided against putting some of the front line guys in, particularly on the offense, and we kind of did a pick-and-choose for playing time on the defense."

On why he made the decision not to play some of the starters:

"I think it was just we wanted to take a look at some guys that we think have a chance and we thought this would be the best opportunity to do that. Some of the other guys we decided to hold out. It was our best chance to look at some guys there that we really feel have an opportunity to make it, and this is the best chance for them to really go to work because next week, in preseason, it will be a whole different deal."

On his impressions of Marcus Mason:

"I think Marcus, to be quite truthful, has looked good to us the whole way. He's one of the guys I'm talking about. He and Derek both--we wanted to look at them so we held all the other backs out of there. I think that both of those guys look impressive to us."

On the quarterbacks:

"We've got five guys so it's hard to get the work and so we're probably going to have to make some decisions there. We tried to work them hard starting camp as early as we could and getting as many practices, as many reps, and let them throw as many passes as we possibly could. But now it's getting down to us making some decisions."

On the quarterbacks' performance:

"It's kind of hard. We kind of have a good feel about Todd [Collins]. We want to try to get Mark [Brunell] back in there after his surgery. It was good work. We're on the right path there as far as mindset and what we want to do."

On areas for improvement:

"I think it's all-around work and a continuation of camp. I think there's a chance to go against somebody else. I think our guys are getting tired of going against each other. I think it was good to see some new faces. We got a lot of individual line work. We had some guys going in 1-on-1. [The Ravens] have some good pass-rushers, so we wanted to match up with those guys and see how our guys did. We got some guys in the scrimmage who we felt we needed to evaluate and look at."

On La'Ron Landry and Sean Taylor working together:

"[La'Ron] has got to work his way in; he's got to earn it, and he knows that. I really appreciate his attitude. Our defensive coaches said, 'Let's put him in there right off the bat and kind of see what kind of chemistry they have there.'"

On the difference between comparing practice film to scrimmage film:

"We all know that some guys will do real well in individual stuff, then you get into teamwork and they back up. We got a chance today to put it on film, so we have a chance to look at it. We have a chance to evaluate [the players], and that's an important step for a lot of them. The coaches will go over it and grade it, and I tell the [players] don't put something on [the film] that's not you."

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