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Joe Gibbs Training Camp Media Session

Opening Statement:

"Our first day and I think it was pretty tough but from a humidity and temperature standpoint I think we did pretty good. I always get worried in the first practice or two because everybody looks sluggish but it's also understandable. It's good to have everybody here and it's good to get started."

On how he and the team dealt with the heat:

"I think it's always going to be hot we just caught a pretty hot day for the first day so I think we did a good job. Our medical team watches everybody closely and we had a pretty good practice. Like I said, it's good to get started."

On the importance of having second round draft pick Rocky McIntosh (LB, #52) signed in time for Camp:

"I was really happy to get everybody on board and to get Rocky going I think it was good. He was there for the meeting last night and he got done later on last night and we're happy with that. It's good to have everybody in camp and not have anybody that's not part of the team sitting some place. It's good to have everybody here and we got started with everybody on board."

On his evaluation of the quarterbacks in the first practice:

"It's hard right now; I don't think you see much in the first practice, trying to get everybody lined up is about what you're trying to do. I think it will be a while, it takes a long time-you can see how rough everybody was out there from a timing standpoint-so we've got a long ways to go."

On what he focuses on now that he has less offensive responsibility:

"I definitely spend more time eyeballing the defense. Obviously I have a lot more free time, instead of just looking at the offense. In some ways, I hope that by me being able to balance my time better and spend more time all the way across the board, maybe it will help me be a better coach. It will be different for me, but I certainly think I have enough to do."

On the transition between vacation and Training Camp:

"You can kind of see in the players eyes that their number one thought is, 'Can I make this?', they're trying to pace themselves. As a coach, you don't want them to pace themselves you want them to go hard. I think it's part of what we do, you always start in the heat. Obviously we caught a pretty hot day today and evidently the next three or four days are going to be real bad too so we have to be careful because we've got a lot of work we've got to get in."

On whether or not Mark Brunell (QB, #8) will take less reps in Training Camp:

"Hopefully he will be playing less in the preseason. He'll still get quite a bit of work here with the first units and all that. I don't think that in his career Mark's been a guy that has to have a whole lot of reps so we will probably have him out of there some. The two quarterbacks, Todd (Collins, QB #15) and Mark probably don't need a lot, they've been around a long time. Todd knows this system inside and out and you can kind of tell because when he's back there, he's real confident and knows what's going on so Jason (Campbell, QB #17) will probably take more work."

On the new weapons on offense and the pressure to produce:

"I think there's always pressure. I'm sure for all of the offensive coaches, defense and special teams, that's kind of what we do. You're hoping that you will be productive, you make a lot of choices and decisions in the off-season, you add players and you're hoping to see it pay off so we'll just have to see."

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