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Joe Gibbs Training Camp Media Session

On the competition at the punter position:

"We haven't done much right now there. We're kind of getting in a groove there, I think the scrimmage this weekend will be the first time we really competitively punt to guys. I think all of the work that we take here is important, every time there's a rep on film you kind of get a look at somebody, I know some guys tonight flashed for me and did some real good things. That's the other thing about going at night is that you step it up a little bit too, some players can really respond to that and are at their best when you put the pressure on where some other guys back off some. Every snap is important, it's a long process but we're just getting started."

On the return of Joe Salavea'a (DT #95):

"I think he was out there doing some work today but he's coming back from a pretty traumatic thing and I think the guys want to start him off easy. I'm sure Joe's chomping at the bit, he'll be ready to go I would think tomorrow and certainly in the scrimmage."

On the status of David Patten (WR #80)

"I talked to him this morning, he's feeling much better. It's one of those things you really can't figure out, he just all of the sudden started feeling bad. The day before he reported he started feeling upset and weak. I talked to him today and he's feeling much better and I would hope that we're coming out of that and I hope that he's going to be back in here after the weekend."

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