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Joe Gibbs Training Camp Media Session

Opening Statement:

"Well, we went back to work. I think Jim Molinaro (OL, #69) had a tweak there in his knee so we'll just have to see. They're going to do an MRI tonight and I know he came off the practice field. Carlos (Rogers, CB, #22) did a little running but that was about it. I think the NFL released a statement on Sean Taylor (S, #21) so you guys probably have some information on that. Other than that, we went back to work, got delayed a little bit but we had good work."

On his reaction to the league's ruling on Taylor:

"I'm just glad it's behind us. I'm certainly glad he is going to be with us all year. He has had a great camp so far and I'm just glad it's behind us, that's the best way of saying it."

On the return of David Patten (WR, #80):

"He was back just getting in the groove a little bit. It will take a while before we give him any serious work. It was good to have him back out there."

On how much playing time starter Mark Brunell (QB, #8) will see in the pre-season:

"I think Mark will start the games and that kind of goes on a feel. If we feel he's had enough in that particular outing, we'll take him out. You always hope that he gets in, looks real sharp and then you get him out, but we do plan on playing Jason (Campbell, QB, #17) a lot. I think Todd (Collins, QB, #15) is in a situation where he doesn't have to play as much. He's a veteran guy and he's been around, he understands everything and he understands the offense. Jason will take a lot of work, and we'll just see how much we can get him."

On the competition David Patten (WR, #80) is now in the midst of at wide receiver:

"He had one of the best off-seasons; OTAs, mini-camps, everything that you could have. It was just awful that he comes back and was feeling good right up until the day before camp and had a setback with some form of viral infection. It set him back for a whole week. I hate that he missed time, but knowing David, as soon as he gets his legs under him he'll be roaring again, we're expecting a big year out of him."

On how he thinks Renaldo Wynn (DL, #97) will adjust to his new role:

"I think we consider Renaldo one of our leaders. Whenever I talk to the guys in the off-season or we have any concerns or problems, Renaldo is one of the people we talk to around here. We consider him one of our leaders on the team and he's always had the outlook of, 'Hey, whatever I can do,' Certainly he's a very valuable part of our team here and he'll play as much as he's been playing, he might just have to play in several spots for us."

On the performance of Chris Cooley in the scrimmage (TE, #47):

"He had a really good day. First of all, he's a real good athlete, he's super smart, he knows just the right place to be and the quarterbacks trust him. If you put all of those things together and they know to look for him and go to him if he's in the pattern. I thought he got off to a real good start. I think he was a very valuable guy for us all year long last year, a great producer and he's just going to get better and better. Obviously now it's his third year in, we have a good feel for what he can do and it's a lot for an offense."

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