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Joe Gibbs Training Camp Media Session

Opening Statement:

"There are several things I want to mention. Number one, we've signed the following players: Jeff Posey (LB, #58)--Jeff is somebody we knew a lot about, he's a veteran guy, he's had several seasons with Jerry Gray (Cornerbacks Coach) and we think he can help our football team on special teams and at linebacker. A.J. Harris (RB, #38), who we had here in rookie camp, we really liked him and we were looking for a chance to bring him back and we made room there to bring him back. Then we also signed Spencer Folau (OL, #79), who has been a veteran and played up here, somebody we've been talking to for a couple of days and we got that worked out. We had to waive Chris Clemons, injured; I talked to Chris today and told him how bad I felt about what happened. Kerry Carter, who we know got the injury the other night in the ballgame and will be going through surgery and then we waived Ben Emmanuel. I think other than that we went back to work, reviewed the film today with our team and took a long hard look at it. We talked about all of the things where we need to improve and there are a lot of those so we have a lot of hard work."

On Shawn Springs (CB, #24):

"A couple of updates, Shawn Springs was a surprise to us from the standpoint that he had not missed any practice, played the other night in the game and so we really weren't expecting anything that needed to be repaired. He had complained about his groin area some, but it wasn't bad enough to keep him out. We sent him down to see the doctor and after the doctor examined him he thought that he had pulled one of the ligaments off of a bone. It's fairly simple process, it's the same one that John Hall (K, #10) had so they decided that it was best for Shawn and for us to go ahead and get that repaired. I talked to the doctor this morning, and the best guess is that it'd be three to six weeks and it just depends on how he's going to return from that."

On whether Springs' injury is related to a similar one he suffered during the 2005 season:

"We don't think so. It's in the same general area so I don't guess you ever know on something like that. He came back this year, looked great and felt great. He had a little soreness there and it was bothering him and so we felt like it was better for him to see the specialist and the specialist felt like it was something that had some options. It wasn't something we had to do, but we felt like the best option for Shawn and for us was to go ahead and repair it now to make sure something didn't happen later in the year to make it worse."

On Phillip Daniels (DE, #93):

"Phillip Daniels had a back spasm on the field, we don't think it's anything serious but Phillip had to leave practice."

On his concern for the health of the defensive backfield:

"I think with Ade (Jimoh, CB, #32) not being out there it affects us. Obviously we made our one trade that we announced yesterday so that will help us with Mike (Rumph, CB, #30). I think that this time of year, the pluses are that our injuries are not something that we'd say, Rule a guy out.' We're talking about things where they can come back; it's just a matter of how quick they're going to be able to get back-with Clinton (Portis, RB, #26) and Shawn (Springs)."

On the eventful few days so far this week:

"There was a lot going on the last couple of days and we're trying to do everything we can to strengthen ourselves. It kind of makes you sick anytime somebody gets hurt and we hate it. Like I've said, we're trying to be smart about what we do and we're trying to get through this thing with a polished football team, not a bunch of guys hurt."

On what he likes about new acquisition Mike Rumph (CB, #30):

"Mike has had injuries, but the things that we liked the best were when we talked to his teammates and people that have been with him about what kind of person he was. Obviously he's talented, a first round pick, he played at The University of Miami and a lot of guys down there knew him and really liked him. We think he's somebody that can come in here and have a chance to help us."

On whether he's ever been given a bad recommendation about a former University of Miami player:

"Yes, as a matter of fact I have; you should have been on a few of those conversations. In this case we talked to three guys and they all said the same thing, but they're pretty straightforward with you and they give you good advice."

On the turnout of fans for the last public practice:

"One of the things I feel bad about is that it's our last day where we have open practices and I feel bad that everybody that comes doesn't get an autograph. You try to do the best you can, I'm late right now for meetings but when they come out like that, we've tried to do the best we could. I know it doesn't make everybody happy and I know it's hard for everybody to get an autograph so we apologize to everybody that couldn't get one. You couldn't get better fan support, they lift us up when they come to practice and it's fun seeing them out there. Earlier in the year I said it was so hot out there I told them, We got paid for it, I don't understand how you could do it and not get paid for it,'"

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