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Joe Gibbs Tuesday Press Conference

On how they played on special teams against the Vikings:

"On special teams we were inconsistent. On kick-off coverage, to give an example, we stopped them at the 15, the 20, the 17, a touch back and then they get a 44 yard return at a critical time. Our kick-off return timing was not as good but our field position was pretty good. We had a 37 yard net punting game, of course that is excellent. We had one punt in there that was not up to standard. (Antwaan) Randle El (WR, #82) is going to be a real threat for us on punt returns. That is a real plus for us. Our field goals, obviously we missed a big field goal, and we hit a little. Our starting yard-line for us was the 34 yard-line for us, which is real good, and the 28 for them. We won in that category. What you see there is an inconsistent performance."

On how they played defensively against Minnesota:

"They took a conservative approach against us. We were very physical against the run. That is a real good thing for us because we pride ourselves on that. They averaged 2.5 per rush and we did not give up any explosive runs. We caused two fumbles, we didn't get any of them and as a consequence when you play a game like that and you don't turn it over or they don't turn it over, it comes down to a close ball game. Our negatives were that we had five penalties, which hurt us. Two of them we are turning in and we don't think they were penalties. Both touchdown drives, penalties helped keep the drives alive. We gave up six explosive passes, which again is inconsistent. Our techniques in pass coverage at times broke down. In generals on defense it was penalties, explosive passes and third downs."

On how they played offensively against Minnesota:

"We had long drives. We started off the game with a 12 play drive for a field goal. We had a seven play and a nine play drive for a field goal. Our problem was that we didn't convert touchdowns down inside. We had to settle for field goals, which is not good. We had no sacks which is a real plus. Mark (Brunell, QB, #8) did a good job for us there. We had a very good two-minute drill when we had to, to try to get us in position to kick a tying field goal. We only had one penalty and it was very costly. It was the start of the second half. Again you play a game with one penalty and without a turnover and you figure you are going to be in there, which we were. Certainly we were missing the big play to get us a chance to win. We had five plays of 20 yards or more, which is our goal, so we made some big plays. We felt like we played with good intensity. Our negatives were that we didn't score touchdowns in the red area, our third down conversions was not good, we didn't win time of possession and we had four negative plays."

On playing in Dallas:

"Our football team is geared up for a tough assignment. We have a short work week. We'll work non-stop trying to get ready for this game. There are things you try and look at getting ready for the game. We know what we're going to see. They're a very well-coached team. We're going to have guys really stand up. We know what to expect and we know what kind of game it's going to be. It's one of the bigger challenges you can imagine for any football team. It's going to take a fantastic effort.

On if the team's psyche in NFC East games is better after last year's 5-1 record:
"I'm not much into psyche. I don't think you ever know. I kind of felt like we played with great effort last night, but we were inconsistent. And that hurts you. I think our team acknowledges that."

On Dallas's offense:

"Obviously they have very explosive players, starting with T.O. who is a great football player. The quarterback is very polished and very mature, similar to what we saw in Brad Johnson. He understands, he's been around and he knows where to go with the football."

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