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Jon Gruden Stops By Redskins Practice

This week's family theme continued on strong Wednesday at Redskins Park.

On Monday, longtime NFL coach Wade Phillips -- father of Redskins tight end coach Wes Phillips -- stopped by the team's facility to check out practice.

ESPN football analyst and Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden stopped by the Washington Redskins Organized Team Activities at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va., on Thursday, June 12, 2014.

On Wednesday, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden's brother, Jon -- an ESPN football analyst and Super Bowl-winning coach -- stopped by to do his homework on the Redskins prior to the team's three appearances on *Monday Night Football *this season.

Jon Gruden spoke with TV's Larry Michael at Wednesday's practice, and said his trip to Loudoun County, Va., was "like a homecoming in some ways."

"I'm excited for the Redskins," he said. "This is a great group of coaches. They've really added some pieces to the roster."

After practice, Jay Gruden was asked by reporters about his brother's visit, which is expected to extend into today's final day of OTAs.

"He just in came in to watch how we're doing things," Jay Gruden said. "He's still an avid football fan obviously. He likes to stay up-to-date on what's going on around the league. Obviously his sons are close to my sons, so it's good to get together with him."

Jay Gruden said Jon is a "great presence" around the facility, and having him around causes flashbacks to their upbringing around the game of football.

"Yeah, I mean there are certain things that trigger your memory, you know coaching points that he's had throughout the history of some of these plays that we've run," Jay Gruden recalled. "I can remember and [it] brings back memories, and they're good, solid, valid points that you'd like to bring up to your team and pass them along to the next group of guys doing them. So it's always good to have him here."

Here's Jon Gruden's entire conversation with Michael:


On his brother, Jay:**
"I'm very proud obviously. He's done it the hard way. He did it the right way. He's a former player in the Arena League, but he's taken notes, and he's been ready for every opportunity he has been given. I expect nothing different here."

On how dynamic the Redskins' offense can be:
"They can be dynamic. They've got to learn a diverse system quickly. To be dynamic, you have to use all five of your eligible receivers. You have to be able to recognize defenses and audible at the line of scrimmage. How much can Robert Griffin do in year one? We'll see, and how good is the offensive line from right tackle to left tackle? We'll see."

On Redskins running back Alfred Morris:
"He's an excellent runner. We have seen him run this zone stretch scheme at a high level. He can pick up blitzes. I think the Redskins need more pass receiving from him and this running back corps in general. I think that's what the Redskins need the most from him to become that double-edged sword."

On Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and handling the pressure:
"It comes with the position and it becomes with being a Heisman award winner. Some people feel the pressure, some people apply it. I have a feeling Griffin will apply it to opposing defenses. It brings out the best in him. They have three young quarterbacks that I know pretty well in (Colt McCoy) and Kirk Cousins. They have a great nucleus of talent here at the position, but as you say, the Redskins will go where Griffin takes them."

On the depth of the Redskins' wide receiver group:
"As long as there is some unselfishness, there should be enough footballs to distribute the ball around. You have to be able to do that to be effective."


The Washington Redskins continued Organized Team Activities at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va., on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

On the Redskins' defense:**"I think they have to be better and they will be better. I think they are faster. Keenan Robinson is a name Redskins fans need to stay on top of. If he can come in here and be the Mike linebacker and replace London Fletcher, they will be a better defense because of the speed. I like what they've done with the pass rush. Hatcher will help them inside. The addition of Trent Murphy will give them another outside element. Ryan Clark stabilizes them at the safety postion. They've added some really good pieces on their defense in my opinion."

On what he misses and does not miss about coaching:"If I didn't miss it, I wouldn't be here in June for OTAs. But I love football. I love the strategy that goes into it. Championships are won at this time. This is when coaches get to implement their scheme and teach. This is when players learn it and develop their skills. To have this kind of turnout at a non-mandatory type event says a lot about this program."

On Cleveland playing against Washington on MNF:
"We will be there with Johnny Manziel and the Browns. It will be a neat debut for Cleveland but also for the new scheme they're running here in DC."



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