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Jon Jansen Media Session

On finishing 8-8 and not making the playoffs:

"Every year that you don't make the playoffs, every year that you don't get a chance at the big shot, it is frustrating. You don't know how many years you are going to have, whether it's here or somewhere else. You don't know how many opportunities you are going to have. We have a lot of talent. In terms of my opportunities, we have to start capitalizing on division opponents, on our home games and opportunities to win games against teams that aren't as good as us."

On leaving Redskins Park for the last time this season:

"I have walked out of here a lot not necessarily knowing what my future was going to be here, so it is not anything new. I will sit down with my wife, I will sit down with my agent, we will sit down with Coach Zorn and Mr. Snyder and come up with a plan as to what their intentions are and what we want to accomplish."

On whether he feels he will be back next season:

"I am not a spring chicken, but I have some good years in me. Whether it is here or somewhere else, I would say I have had a great opportunity to play here and if the opportunity presented itself to play here, I love playing in Washington and would continue to do so."

On the tone of Coach Zorn's speech to the team:

"The tone was just what can we do to get better for next year, what do we need to do this offseason to make sure that we don't make the same mistakes and do the same things wrong that we have done in the past. Take a look at what we do good and keep those things moving forward, and what we do bad, either throw them out or improve on them and make that we don't have anything that we do poorly next year."

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