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Keenan Robinson Using Offseason To Benefit Growth

After missing all of the 2013 season with a torn left pectoral muscle -- and the final handful of games during the 2012 season with a torn right pectoral muscle -- Redskins inside linebacker Keenan Robinson put the finishing touches on a solid 2014 season Sunday with a 10-tackle performance against the Dallas Cowboys.

In 13 games total, the Texas product led the team with 109 tackles, according to Elias stats. He played in his first game Sunday since Nov. 30, when he tweaked his knee against the Indianapolis Colts.

Go behind the scenes as Redskins linebacker Keenan Robinson goes in front of the camera for his 2014 photo shoot.

"I told these guys I wanted to finish strong and go out there and give it my all," Robinson said after Sunday's game. "And I'm just thankful that my knee was healthy enough to do that. I came out uninjured and everything."

Robinson also said that it "just felt fun to be out there flying around again," and that it'll set up the start to a strong offseason.

"At least I know in the offseason I'm healthy and I'll have a good foundation set for the next season," he said. "I know I can build upon this year and have an even greater year than I did this year."

From the get-go, Robinson showed he was up to the task of filling the void left behind by longtime Redskins middle linebacker -- and team captain -- London Fletcher.

But while he is clearly more gifted athletically than Fletcher, Robinson said that he's still looking to understand the technical side of the game better, and that comes with experience.

"I think every game as I play more plays, I begin to develop more feel for the game," he said. "A lot of times I knew exactly what Tony Romo and the offense was going to do just because not only studying film, but just being able to know what teams are going to do in certain situations."

Robinson said Fletcher, "out of 60, 70 snaps in the game, he knew 30 of them exactly" and "what was coming."

"So that's something that I want to get to," Robinson said "That takes time."

Robinson said that eventually, he's going to get to that level and believes that when he does, it will help out the entire defense.

"I'm going to get to that point where I know what's coming beforehand so I can not only put myself in a better position to make plays, but put my team in a better position to make plays," he said. "That will come with experience."

From an outsider's perspective, Robinson had a pretty good year, solidifying not only his role as a starter on the Redskins, but as one of the top players at his position.

But as he moves forward into next season, Robinson said he wants to make more game-changing plays throughout the course of a game.

"I would say I [want to] be more of a playmaker for our team, because turnovers are something that we didn't have enough of this year," he said. "[Against Dallas], I had a dropped pick and I know I should have caught that. ... I can do a better job of putting myself in position to be able to make plays and be a turnover machine for my team and that creates momentum."

As the old saying goes, your best offense is a good defense. And if you can generate turnovers, then you'll put the offense in a position to succeed, Robinson said..

"That creates stimulus for the offense and that's something that we all can improve on because this year was a low point for our defense as far as creating plays and getting turnovers for our offense," he said. "And [we] gave up too many big plays."

Over the next few weeks, Robinson said he's going to take some time off to make sure his body has recovered properly from the Texas product's longest season to date.

Once he believes his body is ready to go, though, he'll be back to the grind.

"I'll probably start somewhere around Feb. 1st or earlier," he said. "Your goals and desires know that what you put in. You can't cheat the grind. You can't cheat the hustle.

"I know that the time and the effort that I put in this offseason will only get me to where I want to go, so I got to push even harder to be able achieve the status and the level I want to achieve as far as being a linebacker in this league," he said.




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