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Kendall On Taylor's Passing: 'It's Difficult'

On when he found out about Sean Taylor's death:

"About 7 a.m. this morning. My children had the television on. They were getting ready for school."

On the range of emotions felt over the past day:

"I think a rollercoaster is a pretty apt term for what everybody around here has gone through. The last I had heard was that he was somewhat responsive to either a doctor or a nurse's order to wink or squeeze a hand, depending on the account that you heard. I went to bed last night thinking that the worse thing that we might have to deal with is an extended recovery and rehabilitation. Obviously like everybody else I was really saddened this morning to hear that is not the case."

On if he had a chance to get to know Sean Taylor over the past couple of months:

"I got a chance to know Sean a little bit, in fact, he was one of the first guys to say hello and introduce himself to me when I was traded here. The thing that stood out to me about Sean was after our first game here, the home opener against the Dolphins, we were in the player's parking lot afterwards and I have three young kids and my two boys are big football fans and they were really struck and impressed with Sean Taylor and to actually meet him. Sean actually spent some time [with them]. He didn't just sign a book and send them on their way, but talked to them. As a father that stood out to me. That made probably the biggest impact on me."

On how they will prepare for Sunday's game:

"Obviously it is going to be very difficult. I'm sure we'll take our cues from Coach Gibbs and from the family. As you pointed out, it is a business."

On if the player's have discussed any way to honor Sean Taylor:

"Not yet, it's our day off. Certainly I'm not aware of anything yet. There have not been too many people through the building. All I've seen at this point is maybe a couple handful of guys."

On if it is possible that the team will not play on Sunday:

"It's tough for me to speak about what the group's mindset is at this point. We really haven't been assembled yet. That will happen no later than tomorrow morning."

On if he has talked to his kids about Sean Taylor's death:

"I'm sure that will come. They asked and my wife and I just tried to explain to them that there was a situation."

On the last time he spoke to Sean Taylor:

"I saw him in the training room. I guess it was Friday, Saturday, just to say hello. Sean wasn't really an outspoken guy. I had a chance to say hello."

On if he wants to play on Sunday:

"I'm going to wait and see. At this point I'm just trying to process everything that is going on. There are guys on this team who know Sean much better than I do. My thoughts are first and foremost with Sean and his family, but I'm most concerned after that about my teammates who really are going to be struggling with this."

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