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Kyshoen Jarrett Looks Ahead On Path To Return


Still not fully recovered from a shoulder injury yet, Redskins defensive back Kyshoen Jarrett continues to rehab while seeing different doctors across the country.

Kyshoen Jarrett isn't focusing what happened on Jan. 3 against the Dallas Cowboys. He's also not letting the shoulder injury that he suffered that day – which has caused nerve issues as well – get him down.

"This offseason I've been feeling fine," Jarrett told on Wednesday. "I've just been up here at the Park and just doing what I can, rehabbing, just working on everything else that I can work on. Obviously the injury is known about what happened against Dallas, so that's just something that I've been dealing with the last couple months."

Jarrett is still in the thick of his rehab process, but he's doing everything in his power to get back to the field at full-health as quickly as possible.

"I'm still finding out some information, some things that can help me in the long run and help me for the short-term as well," Jarrett said. "Information is still coming in and things are still being learned as well, I know those doctors in Denver that Hatch [Jason Hatcher] and those guys went to, he'll be able to provide me information. I've seen doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, too, so I'm trying to do the best I can in terms of finding out as much information as I can as well."

The doctor both Hatcher and Kory Lichtensteiger visited to heal their injuries was specialist Greg Roskopf.

Jarrett has spoken with him and they're "looking at some dates" for the second-year defensive back to visit.

"We're communicating back and forth and seeing what's the best time," Jarrett said. "And hopefully that'll be sooner than later."

Selected in the sixth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, Jarrett was not only a contributor for the Redskins in his first season, the Virginia Tech product was one of the top rookies in the entire league.

Jarrett finished the season with 63 tackles along with two passes defensed and a fumble forced.

Check out these photos of Virginia Tech defensive back Kyshoen Jarrett, the 181st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

But Jarrett's rookie season ended with him being helped off the field after a collision with Cowboys running back Darren McFadden.

No matter what happens next, Jarett is keeping a positive mindset throughout the entire process.

"Every day isn't easy, but I try to continue to practice what I preach and that's something I did speak about and you know even since then, every day hasn't been easy," Jarrett said, referring to an Instagram post that was published days after the injury. "I mean there's days where it doesn't so much get the best of me, but it does have a mental impact at times because you're not able to do some things that were just second nature that you've just grown up doing. Just some things I have to rebuild. So I've just got to continue keeping that attitude that I preached before."

Whenever Jarrett does return to action, the Redskins will use him in a very similar – and important – role on the defense.

"Kyshoen, we can just throw him out there anywhere," Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said in March. "Hey go play nickel over here on this play, go play safety, go play the hole, you know? Go play corner. Go play defensive end. He'll do anything. He's very smart, very competitive. But we just have to get him right. We're not going to throw him out there until he's 110 percent and fully recovered."




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