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Ladell Betts Post-Game Press Conference

On if he had doubts if he was going to play in the game against the Broncos:
"At the beginning of the week it looked a little bleak, but I just kept trusting in the training staff and kept getting treatment and resting at night. I was able to get out there and perform today."

On how his ankle felt:
"I think once my adrenaline got going – that's something I told the coaches as well, that I'll be fine. Once my adrenaline gets kicked in and the crowd gets going, I'll be fine."

On what was different about the offensive line's play today:
"I think we just kept running it. At halftime coach asked us what we felt like doing, and we said, 'running downhill.' That's what we did. They kept dialing them up and myself and Rock [Cartwright] just allowed the linemen to get on their blocks and we kept making yards."

On how it feels to do well against the league's third-ranked defense:"I didn't know they were ranked third in defense, but really it's all about the win. We got the win today, and they have been hard to come by for us all year. I'm glad to get it in front of our fans and I'm glad I was able to provide a little spark."

On the win against the Broncos:
"It was definitely a total team effort. The defense got some turnovers, and our offense had to make tough yards. We slammed the ball in there. Our offensive line – I can't talk about them enough, they did a great job. It had nothing to do with me, or Rock [Cartwright]. Those guys, they put their weight on them, and we just made yards."

On how big the opening drive was for the team:
"It was good for us. We have struggled this year, especially putting points on the board. It was good to see guys not getting down, begin to argue or think, 'Oh man here we go again.' We stuck with it. We fought. The defense had a couple mishaps early but they stuck with it as well. We came out and I think we wore them out in the second half."

On how it feels to start again:"It feels good. I was just joking on the way over here that I didn't remember how to get to this room I haven't been here in so long. It has probably been about three years. It felt good. God has blessed me with another opportunity to go out here and showcase what I can do. I was just able to help my team win."

On the team fighting through the whole game:
"We all fought. I think the crowd had a lot to do with it so I want to give the fans credit as well. They hung in there with us. We have been through a lot of tough times this year and they could have easily gotten down – just like us they could have thought, 'here we go again.' They fought with us. We kept hammering and hammering it, and sooner or later it had to go our way. It did."

On what this win does for the team:"I hope it gives us a lot of positive momentum. We have a big game coming up, we're heading down to Dallas, one of our rivals. We need a little bit of momentum going into this week."

On the Redskins backups stepping up today:
"Like myself, and those other guys as well, Quinton [Ganther] and [Rock] Cartwright, we just view it as an opportunity. Whenever you get an opportunity like that you have to take advantage of it. I think those guys did. It's all about coaches believing in you. Sometimes when you don't get to play it feels like they don't believe in you. When you get an opportunity you get a chance to prove people wrong, and I think that's what we got a chance to do today."

On the running lanes today:"The holes looked good last week and they looked good today. Those guys are doing a great job and I hope they continue to do so. We're going to need that. I think that's going to be our form of winning down the road."

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