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Landry: 'I Try to Emulate Ronnie Lott'

New Redskins safety LaRon Landry spoke with and media shortly after Washington selected him in the 2007 NFL Draft:

Q: Did you expect to be selected by the Redskins?

A: "I had an idea because my agent and I went over a mock draft and we went over the great things that could happen and the worst things that could happen. The draft we predicted was one of the best ones we did."

Q: How happy are you to be playing near your brother Dawan Landry [of the Baltimore Ravens]?

A: "I am very happy because when he was at Georgia Tech and I was at LSU, we didn't have a lot of time to spend together. Now we're only about 25 minutes away. I think we'll spend a lot of time together."

Q: How soon do you expect to be a starter?

A: "I just want to get on the field and help the team--if not as a starter, then in some other role. I just want to win."

Q: What do you think of playing alongside safety Sean Taylor?

A: "I think it could be the best safety combination ever. Sean Taylor reminds me a lot of my idol [Hall of Fame safety] Ronnie Lott. I try to emulate Ronnie Lott. I watched a lot of Sean Taylor's games when I was in high school and he was in college at Miami. He's a very physical hitter."

Q: What do you see in Ronnie Lott that makes you want to emulate him?

A: "He is very physical and nothing stopped him. He would get injured and he would play through it. He reminds me of myself--that is why I try to emulate him. I never want to leave the field and I always wanted to get it started, put in hard work and effort. I have a passion for the game and [Lott] did, too."

Q: What do you think you bring to the Redskins?

A: "I just give 110 percent effort. I am a student of the game and I try to get guys to match my intensity. I am not really a talker, I try to lead by example."

Q: Why did you decide stay through your senior season at LSU?

"I just wanted to have the chance to play for a national championship and I also wanted to finish my senior season with my teammates. I had a lot of goals that I wanted to accomplish at LSU and that's why I came back. It was not a money issue. I wanted to better myself as a student of the game and also go back to finish with my senior class and finish strong."

Q: What do you feel you need to work on to elevate your game in the NFL?

A: "I consider myself a technician and I always try to [work] on my technique. I can't really say that is a weakness, but you can never emphasize technique enough."

Q: Conversely, what do you do well?

A: "If I have to give a scouting report on myself, I would say I am a hard hitter and I am student of the game. I can play the middle of the field, I can go into the box and take on a pulling guards and I am a force on the run. I am the total package of a complete safety."

Q: What are your initital impressions of [assistant head coach-defense] Gregg Williams, who is known to be tough on his players?

A: "Coach Williams reminds me a lot of [former LSU head coach] Nick Saban. He is a perfectionist and I think I'll fit in well with his scheme."

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