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Lazor Oversaw Progress, Change At QB

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. Today: Lazor on Jason Campbell and the future:

"Every player on the roster is probably concerned about who the next head coach will be. I went through this one time in Atlanta when the head coach was gone.

"I think everyone gets some concern because really, in the end, the head coach is the real reason everyone is in the room: coaches, players and a lot of people in the organization.

"With Jason, I tried really hard--especially at the end of the season when he got injured--to talk to him about dealing with the long-term. I think that is important for Jason. I think it is important for this franchise, for him being here and for him to always keep that perspective.

"Certainly he wanted to play in every game. It was probably tough for him the night before the Seattle game and on the sideline of that game, seeing all that excitement and wanting to play. I think everyone involved hopes that Jason has a lot of opportunities to do that.

"From the first day that Todd Collins has been here, it has been a real big help for Jason. So he was able to learn from Todd watching him on the field. As unfortunate as it was at the time, when you are not playing, if you can take a real mature stance about it, most guys can really learn a lot from that kind of situation. I'm sure he wanted to go on.

"We talked about it a lot and he did a great job of continuing to work mentally in the meetings and when he was able to on the field. We talked about some specifics. Day today, Jason was still very involved in the meetings as far as asking questions and answering questions.

"I think time will tell how much he takes from it. I think Jason did a real good job of keeping perspective on the big picture.

"Right now, I am taking a lot of time going back through last year's film. Sometimes it is easier after the fact to go back and watch all of the film with a different eye than you do when you are preparing for a game.

"We will look at every play that Jason played, just like we did last year. We will go through every mechanic and every technique. There will be a whole long list of things and we will prioritize those and we will have some fun chipping away at it.

"As you watch the video, there are things that we stressed, that he took real serious and took ownership in improving, showing up on the video. I would expect that the goals that we work out with him are the things that he will work real hard at. The kind of person he is. I think he will make great strides."

"Certainly, the new coach -- whoever it is -- will have a big impact on Jason, and everyone here. That is how this business goes.

"Everyone that knew Coach Gibbs' family situation knew that it was probably difficult at times for him to be here. I think everyone respects what he has had to go through. I know I have personally enjoyed the four years I have been with him, the four great seasons.

"I have had a chance to learn a lot of great things as a person as well as a coach. I will cherish a lot of the memories. Hopefully I was able to give him back some good service for all the things he gave me."

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