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Letters From the Troops!

The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders travel to military bases around the world several times a year. The following are some of the "Letters from the Troops" to the Redskins Cheerleaders:

--- Dec. 3, 2004

Dear Redskins Cheerleaders,

I want to thank all the Cheerleaders who came through Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia. I have been in Saudi for 11 months and your visit, performance and friendship will make the last 30 days for me and many months to come for many others easier and faster.

Your dedication and support to the U.S. is just as important and dangerous as ours. You put yourselves in harm's way traveling through an area of the world that is dangerous for any Westerner.

Good luck to all of you and may you have a special time with your family this Christmas.

And thanks again for the dance, Stephanie!!

Master Sgt. William W.
United States Air Force

--- Dec. 6, 2004

2004 Thanksgiving Tour--Thank You!

This is a note of thanks for sharing your talent, your time and your smiles. It was a privilege and pleasure for those of us that were fortunate to have the opportunity to escort you and enjoy your company. I hope that the rest of your performances were as successful as they were here at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar.

I think the most poignant thank you was from a young soldier on R&R from Iraq. While receiving an autograph from Jeanette and Stephanie, he said how much he and his friends appreciated the show because they were stationed in al Fallujah and nobody comes to al Fallujah.

In particular, the four of you that I got to know briefly--Jeanette, Rebecca, Erin and Christy--I wish each of you the best possible life and success. Since I read the bios on each of you after you departed Qatar, I wish you the best of luck in attaining your goals. The entire squad is an inspiration to all young women for what can be achieved through perseverance, intelligence and talent. I hope to see you all on one of my trips to D.C. in the near future.

Lauren and Debbie, thank you for your visit to Special Operations Command Central it was a pleasure to host you.

Again, we here at Special Operations Command Central thank the Redskins organization, but most of all you and your families for sharing you with us during this holiday period.

I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.


Dan P.

--- Dec. 2, 2004

Dear Debbie, Tiffani, Christy, Kimberly, Jeanette, Erin, Rebecca, Monica, Stephanie, Lauren, and Donald:

My name is Dan (Captain, US Army) and I had the extreme pleasure of catching your show at Camp Arifjan a few days ago. I want to tell all of you that the show was AWESOME!

I actually saw the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in 1999 in Kosovo and a few of the Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders in 2002 in Afghanistan, but I have to admit that the Redskins Cheerleaders were BY FAR the best show I've seen. In fact, I can't imagine a show getting any better. It was simply fabulous.

All of the performances were top notch, brought many smiles to the faces of everyone here and were HIGHLY entertaining. I had a smile on my face the entire time. I wish I had something to share with you guys that night like a unit patch or something, but I just didn't have anything to give up--bummer!

However, I'll figure something out--I want to send you all something to add to your collections.

Debbie, your baton show was the best--I hate to pick a favorite, but you were definitely my favorite performer--your talent is incredible! I couldn't find you on the website - you're a part-timer right?

Tiffani, your Hawaiian Luau performance was right on the money--a very sexy tease with a lot of good taste--I loved it!

Christy, you really pumped us up in the beginning and kept the energy going the whole show--that night I sought out a copy of Maxim to see the layout--you were GREAT!

Kimberly, the finale was a tear jerker--thanks for your tears--it meant a lot, and thanks for leading such an incredible group!

Jeanette, I enjoyed the time when you talked to us one on one, you're not only talented and beautiful, but you shared with us some of the "inside"--your feelings and thoughts--God bless you!

Erin, you have a beautiful voice and your Shania act was a blast--you're definitely a fiery Redhead--your show was awesome!

Rebecca, your "salsa" number was definitely HOT and your energy was addictive!

Monica, you might have been the top dancer out there--you have a beautiful talent and a knockout smile--thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

Stephanie, what a super job with the choreography--you brought us the best overall show I've ever seen. You had great presence and gorgeous hair--I love your curls!

Lauren, you should have given us more of a taste of your acrobatics--your gymnastic ability was apparent and really kept us guessing what you would do next!

And last but not least Donald--thanks for bringing us the best show out there--no one compares with you guys! You definitely have a great job and without you, we wouldn't have this great show. Thanks for your patriotism!

Well, now that I've blabbed for a while, let me just say again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you all again someday!

All my best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

Dan R.

Camp Arifjan

--- Nov. 28, 2004

Hello Ladies,

Just another BIG thank you for the GREAT performance that you put on for all us Guys here in Kuwait!! We always need a little reassurance from home and some BEAUTY to tide us over till we get back to the United States.

As one of the old geezers over here, it was really uplifting to hear all the guys talk about how much they enjoyed not only the show but the fact that you interacted with them. They'll be talking about that show for a long time and I've got the pictures to help them keep your faces fresh in their minds.

You can rest assured that you will always be the #1 show over here and really outdid yourselves in my opinion.

THANKS AGAIN and keep up all the Great work.

You definitely follow one of the main rules of leadership: "Mission First, People Always." Hooah!

Wear the Bucking Horse patch proudly--you earned it.


SFC Dean W.

--- Nov. 27, 2004

Hey Donald,

This is Jeremy, a solider at your show tonight in camp Arifjan Kuwait. I just wanted to thank you guys again for a great show. I wanted to let you and the rest of the cheerleaders know that you are the reason we do what we do.

People like you make our job so much easier and worth doing. You all lifted my spirit and morale. Thanks you so much for everything--the girls were wonderful.

Hey I don't know if you remember me but I was the guy buying the watches at the Bazaar. I was the same guy who was in the front row, my friend Josh and I asked you where the best seats were. My friend Josh got a lei from Tiffani; I asked about Christy and I just thought she was the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.

Well, I am sure you have a thousand messages a day, but I just wanted to thank you one last time for everything. I just found out today that I will be here 15 months straight, but that all went away when I saw the squad and their respect for us. Thanks again and if you could write me back please. I am sure you're a busy man but it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks again for everything, and I was serious about Christy--that girl is in a class of her own. Thank you guys so much.


Jeremy B.

--- Nov. 27, 2004

Hi Donald,

This is Spc. Craig W. and I am in Kuwait. You and the Redskins Cheerleaders came over here and put on great show. I would like to say thank you and that I enjoyed it a lot. I'm going back to the states in just about 60 days and I am planning to come to one of your games as soon as I get home to see you guys again. I would love to meet some of the guys on the team, too.

Thanks a lot,

Craig W.

--- Dec. 3, 2004

Dear Washington Redskins,

The ships company of HMS Marlborough would like to all pass on our gratitude for the performance from the girls whilst on a port visit to Bahrain on the November 30, 2004. We pass on our many thanks for the attitude and the time the group gave up to perform for the American troops and ourselves.

The admiration and dedication shined through and was a reflection of the many qualities you as American citizens possess. We hope that in the very near future we may cross paths again. Please pass on our many thank you's to the women in your troop and to Mr. Donald Wells.

May we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope that the Washington Redskins make it to the Super Bowl, even if it is just so we can catch a glimpse of your cheerleaders again.

Yours truly,

HMS Marlborough (The Royal Navy)

--- Nov. 25, 2004


We just received an e-mail from our son who is in Kuwait awaiting orders to proceed into Iraq. He wished us a Happy Thanksgiving and said all was well in Kuwait because the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders were going to be there tomorrow. We would like to thank all of you for helping to make the holidays more enjoyable for the sons and daughters stationed overseas. It means a lot to us parents that others care about our kids. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and keep up the good work.


Jim & Susan W.

--- Nov. 1, 2004

Dear Melanie,

My name is Jon W. and I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your organizations support of the armed forces. I was stationed with my Army Reserve unit at the Airbase in Balad, Iraq for almost a year and returned home this last April.

On February 13, I attended a USO show at Balad where some of the Washington Redskin Cheerleaders put on a spectacular performance. I have to admit that I was feeling down during this time since we had initially been told that we would be home well before then, and by February realized that it could be several months before we would be released. Getting shot at and mortared every day for a year begins to take a toll on your morale. At first I wasn't going to go to the show, but after one of my sergeants insisted that I needed a break, I finally agreed.

I was especially taken by the beauty of one of your cheerleaders and eventually worked my way up to the side of the stage for a better vantage point. It was there that this particular cheerleader walked by and my sergeant grabbed her by the arm and asked her if she would take a picture with me. She eagerly replied yes and without hesitation put her arm around me and my sergeant took our picture.

This may not sound like much but I can't tell you what your show and that cheerleader's act of kindness meant to me.

The fact that those young ladies would risk their lives to brighten the spirits of me and thousands like me says much for your organization and the kind of people that you are associated with.

I was sent to Iraq because I was a soldier and that was my job, however, your cheerleaders went to Iraq only to pick up the spirits of us GI's and help us forget our troubles for a little while. Since I have been home I have had the picture of us taken that day as the background for my desktop at work. As with most jobs, some days are better than others and this picture serves as a reminder to me that no matter how rough things get sometimes, they usually work out and that people do care.

I looked on your website at current cheerleaders and did not see this particular girl. Is she still an active cheerleader? If so, would you please let her know that I asked about her and thank her for me, it meant a lot.


Major Jonathan W.

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