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Lewis Has Redskins' Attention

Ray Lewis will certainly have the attention of Joe Gibbs, Mark Brunell and the offensive unit when the Redskins and Baltimore Ravens take the field on Sunday night.

But don't be surprised if players on the Redskins' defense take a peek at No. 52 during the game.

"Ray is such a tough linebacker," linebacker Marcus Washington said. "I love watching him on film. He's so enthusiastic and he brings so much fire and intensity. He's like a Mike Singletary-type of linebacker--and Mike is actually coaching in Baltimore now. You just have to take your hat off to Ray. He's one of the best."

Added Gregg Williams, assistant head coach-defense: "He's the epitome of a tackling, intimidating defensive football player. You just don't see Ray miss many tackles. He gets himself ready to play every single week and I think the mark of a great football player is being able to elevate players around him."

Of course, it's players on offense who must be on the same field as Lewis-and account for his whereabouts on every play.

"We'll have to be aware of where Ray Lewis is at all times," said tight end Walter Rasby, who may have to block No. 52 at some point during the game. "He's very instinctive. On top of that, you can tell he knows what defenses are trying to do against him. That gives him another couple of steps."

And even though Gibbs has been away from the NFL for 11 seasons prior to this year, he is well aware of Lewis's legacy and his impact on the game.

"First of all, he brings great hustle every play," Gibbs said. "There is something about being relentless on defense--and he is certainly that. He's very physical. You can be hustling, but if you get there you can't do anything, this guy can just knock you back.

"I don't know him personally, but I would say he must be a good student of the game. He's smart, he gets in the right places and he knows what to do."

Arrington's Knee

LaVar Arrington said on Thursday that his knee is improving. He had hoped to play against the Ravens, but he conceded that it was unlikely. The team has listed him as out for Sunday night's game.

Arrington had arthroscopic surgery on his knee two weeks ago and has missed the Redskins' last two games.

"It feels a whole lot better," he said. "I hate to miss a game. I'm still not counting myself out--I don't care what the doctors say."

Then Arrington stopped.

"But they know what's best. I have to do what the doctors say."

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