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London Fletcher Training Camp Media Session

On playing in the 3-4 defense:
"This is my first time playing in a 3-4 defense. I have appreciated it for many years. The great success from the teams that play the 3-4 – Pittsburgh comes to mind, obviously Baltimore. They have been dominant defenses for a long period of time. As far as changes in my responsibilities, there is some alignment changes and field type of things, but at the end of the day football is football."

On what excites him about playing in the new system:
"The possibilities, the things that we can do to create confusion on offense. To bring a fourth rusher, to bring a corner, safety, linebackers, you just never know what types of pressures we are bringing and where the pressure is coming from. It creates a lot of havoc for an offense."

On Head Coach Mike Shanahan creating competition among all positions:
"I was talking to Steve Atwater who is here doing an internship as a coach. He was talking about the talent on this football team. I was telling him one of the great things that coach (Mike) Shanahan and (general manager) Bruce Allen has done is create a competition at every position. I think we have about 30 or something new players on this team. That's a lot. One of the great things is that he has created competition. We will filter a really great football team."

On DT Albert Haynesworth's absence creating opportunities for other defensive lineman:
"I just mentioned about the competition at every position, the depth that we have now. There are a lot of good football players at every position. Right now guys are taking advantage of their opportunities to show the coaches that I can play football and make the decisions tough on him."

On training camp under Mike Shanahan:
"He definitely emphasizes tempo and practicing at a game-type tempo. That's one of the big things he emphasizes - getting out of the huddle, tempo, tempo, tempo. It's going to pay off for us."

On if the team is cramming more intensity in the morning practice due to the light afternoon practices:
"One thing he does is create a lot of different scenarios for us. Today we worked on football related things in terms of basically moving the football. Offense gets an opportunity to move the ball. To get a first down they keep it and the defense gets an opportunity to stop them. Everybody on the sidelines creates a football type of atmosphere or a game-type of atmosphere out there where you have to make decisions. He's done a great job as of how he has run practice."

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