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Lou's View: It's About Time


Deion Sanders said this past week on The NFL Network that at this time Rex Grossman is the best quarterback in the NFC East. I don't know if I fully agree with that, but what can be agreed upon is that at this time the Redskins have the best head coach in the division.

In Dallas, Jason Garrett, who was supposed to be an offensive genius, has shown over time that he lacks the head coaching presence of a John Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin or Jim Schwartz. Jerry Jones can't honestly think that Garrett is the long term solution for his Cowboys.

In New York and Philly, the long term solutions of the past are past due for a change. Tom Coughlin has been with the Giants for eight years and Andy Reid in Philly for 13 years.

Both have taken their teams to the Super Bowl, with Coughlin winning one, but both fan bases would tell you that their message, play calling and personnel moves are suspect and their time is up.

I had one friend in Philly tell me that he would rather see the Eagles go 5-11 then rebound from the "Dream Team" nightmare, all to ensure that Andy Reid is fired. Wow!

That brings us to Mike Shanahan who, in just a short period of time, has taken the Redskins from an afterthought to a relevant one.

You can argue with the way he has treated some players and you can argue with some of his tactics, but you can't argue with what he has done to change the culture and expectation of this franchise.

The locker room at Redskins Park is full of draft picks and guys from other teams who are convinced that Washington is the right place, not because of the cash but because of the coach.

Andy Reid annoyingly says to the media before each of his press conferences "The time is yours." Well, for Shanahan and the Redskins, that statement is so true. The time is theirs on Sunday to show that they are for real.

The Eagles' current problems are not the Redskins' concern. What happened when Philly visited FedExField last year should be at the forefront of their minds, though. That 59-28 lambasting was embarrassing.

To make a statement in the "free for all" NFC East is a must.

It's time for Rex Grossman to play four quarters of turnover-free football

It's time for the offensive line and running game to severely punish an Eagles run defense that is just as bad if not worse than the Rams.

It's time for the entire defense to stay disciplined against what is still a very dangerous Michael Vick

It's time for Sav Rocca to show Philly it was a mistake to let him go

It's time for a changing of the guard in the NFC East.

Do the Redskins want it? Only time will tell.

Lou Holder is a long-time sports broadcaster in the Washington, D.C. region. He hosts "Redskins GameTime Live Presented by Verizon" for and the Redskins Broadcast Network.

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