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Lou's View: On Future Decisions


This week's suspensions of Fred Davis and Trent Williams were just another chapter in a bizarre season for the Burgundy and Gold. The disappointing thing is that both individuals know they let their team down with their actions!

Both of these suspensions are without pay, so not only did they let their team down but they also messed around with their own finances. I pray that these two get the help and guidance they need to get through this period in their lives and careers.

Which brings me to the following question. Who will be back next year?

The Redskins' front office has some decisions to make with some high profile players.

Trent Williams: He's the best offensive lineman they have and they have a lot of money tied into this very high draft pick

Fred Davis: He had a breakout season and has Pro Bowl potential, but now character issues are clear.

Laron Landry: His hulk-like physique looks good in sweats but that does the team no good on the sidelines. The fifth-year veteran is hurt an awful lot these days. His Twitter account has hinted on how he feels about his Redskins future. The team has youngsters like rookie Dejon Gomes who could develop into a quality player.

Chris Cooley: On the back nine of his career but unlike Davis his character is not in question. He loves promoting himself in the media, but at the end of day can you blame him for getting ready for life after football?

Rex Grossman: We have seen a more than an adequate sample size of his talent. Good Rex vs Bad Rex! Is it worth going through this merry-go-round for another year?

Santana Moss: Most valuable player they have on this offense. Enough said on this one!

London Fletcher: Still one of the best tacklers in the NFL. Enough said on this one too!

DeAngelo Hall: He has had his challenges in the cover game this season and they have youngsters like Byron Westbrook who if given more playing time could be good.

Who of these do you think will be back in Burgundy and Gold for 2012?

Lou Holder is a long-time sports broadcaster in the Washington, D.C. region. He hosts "Redskins GameTime Live Presented by Verizon" for and the Redskins Broadcast Network.

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