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Mark Brunell Media Session

On if he was surprised to be able to get such a good flow with Santana Moss in the Monday night win over Dallas:

"Santana just made some big plays. I think the biggest thing as a quarterback, when you are playing with a guy with that much speed, you can't under throw him. You can just throw it out there as far as you can because he is going to run and get it. He made some great plays for us. We have some work to do. We had two big plays the obviously got us the win but there is still some timing there and still some work to be done. You watch the game and you realize that we have to clean up some things. The passing game wasn't entirely there. Fortunately we have the bye week and hopefully we will get things cleaned up and come out against the Seahawks."

On if it's good to have the bye week after such a big win:

"It is bittersweet actually. It is good for us in that it would be tough to play this Sunday coming off an emotional victory considering we got back so late. But at the same time after this week we have 14 in a row. That is tough on any team physically and mentally. We are going to have to get a lot of rest this week, recharge our batteries, and get ready for the run."

On Santana Moss winning NFC Offensive Player of the Week:

"Anytime your teammate's get an award or get honored in a certain way, we all take part of that. So that is not only good for Santana but it's good for our offense. It's good for our whole team to get recognition."

On the 23-yard scramble he had against Dallas on a 3rd-and-25 play:

"We got backed up there a little bit. Fortunately we were able to get some yards back. There wasn't a whole lot there on the route. All of the linebackers and the safeties were so deep. It was good to be able to have some room to run. It helped us."

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