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Mason Foster Has One Goal At This Stage In His Career: Win


The linebacker is entering his seventh season in the league and is strictly focused on how the team is shaping up for success.

At this point in his career, linebacker Mason Foster has one main goal: win.

As he enters his seventh year in the league, and third with the Redskins, Foster has begun to see curtain closing on his NFL lifespan. Instead of worrying about starting jobs and the anxieties that come with competing with new players, Foster is only concerned with the team's success.

That much was made clear in an interview with ESPN 980, when Foster described his excitement upon hearing the team had signed linebacker Zach Brown, coming off a career year in Buffalo, to join him the linebacker group.

"I love it," he said. "I'm big fan of his game already. I watched him in Tennessee, I watched him make a bunch of plays last year. I'm a fan of any good defensive player no matter what position you play so you know as long as were adding people to the defense are going to help, or any part of this team is going to help, I love it.

"At the end of the day I'm going into year seven and my main goal for the last couple of year is just win," Foster added. "It don't matter how many snaps you play, what you're playing, as long as we're winning and your apart of that, that's all that matters to me. Just coming in and compete, everyone is working hard and just adding talent and keep getting better in every spot."

The attitude that Foster craves for his teammates to have will make itself evident over the next couple of weeks as the team returns for offseason workouts, starting first with the strength and conditioning coaches before ramping up with football activities.

Foster uses this time for self-improvement but also observational analysis. How are the new parts of the team – mostly on defense – gelling with each other? What is the attitude like in the locker room? How is the foundation for the season being set?

Check out images of the Washington Redskins' third day of Phase 1 offseason workouts at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park.

"You get a feel for how somebody is going to play just by how they carry themselves, their mannerisms, how they interact with people in the weight room, their pushing people, challenging people, competing at a high level all the time, and that's what I love to see," Foster said. "Not everybody is going to be perfect but good competition is only going to make everybody in our defense and everybody in our room better. So I'm competing at everything, ping-pong, in the locker room, rainbow sticks, bench press, whatever, but it makes everybody come prepared to work. You can't take no days off because if you do, that's the day you get beat and I hate losing."

As mentioned in a recent article, Foster found rejuvenation when he signed with the Redskins in 2015. He escaped environments in Tampa and Chicago in which injuries plagued his time there, as well as a lack of faith in the organization's philosophy.

Since coming to Washington, Foster said he's found a renewed love for the game, and learned more about how to treat his body after six seasons playing.

"The biggest difference now is that I understand how to take care of my body," Foster said. "You always did it, got massages and tried to eat right and now it's at the point where I know what works for me…I'm still researching, talking to different people, going to different professionals trying to get everything right, acupuncture, all that stuff. I'm trying it all, but for now I really understand it and I know how much this means to me. These last couple of years after getting cut and everything how much I really love football. And, you know, just gotta keep working hard, there is no substitute for that. As long as I work hard and come out here and compete at the highest level then everything will work itself out."

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