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McCardell Adds 'Leadership' to Wide Receiver Corps

Wide receiver Keenan McCardell rejoined the Redskins on Monday, Oct. 1, returning to the team that drafted him in the 12th round of the 1991 NFL Draft. McCardell, a 15-year veteran, spoke about returning to the Redskins during a media session:

Q: What are your thoughts about returning to Washington?

A: "I want to come in and help out as much as I can. I know we have some great receivers. I just want to come in and add some leadership, make some plays and help out."

Q: Did retirement ever cross your mind?

A: "Retirement did not cross my mind. It was more get out of the house. My wife kind of pushed me out of the house."

Q: How soon could you be up to speed with the Redskins' offense?

A: "Being a vet, you have to be up to speed on Sundays. I am in pretty good shape. I am looking forward to it. I am very anxious to get back out on the football field."

Q: How many teams showed interest in you?

"There were two. It was wait and see. The opportunity came to come back here. I had a chance to come back here before training camp and I decided to go to Houston. You learn--now I am here and ready to go."

Q: Did it cross your mind that there were already five receivers on the Redskins' roster?

A: "That will sort itself out. It is a long season. If we want to go where we want to go--and that is deep in the playoffs and to the Super Bowl--we are all going to have to make plays. The five guys that we have here, we all have to somehow make plays. People get knicked up here and there. When it is your time to get your number called, you are going to make plays."

Q: What are your memories of your first tenure in Washington in 1991?

"I had a lot of fun. This city embraces their team when they win. [This team is] off to a good start now. I think we will understand how much this city gets behind us."

Q: What were your emotions of winning a Super Bowl ring in Washington even though you did not get to play:

A: "You are happy. You were a part of something that no one else can say they were a part of that year. I met some great guys. I still know a lot of those guys. A lot of those guys are still my friends. For me being a rookie, I learned a lot. I am able to give the wisdom back to guys now. I was blessed to have Art Monk, Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders--all of those guys gave me their wisdom. They brought me in and gave me what they knew about the game. It is my time to give back, but it is also my time to play because they played also."

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