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Mike Shanahan Monday Press Conference

On Clinton Portis's health following the Eagles game:

"We should find something out within the next couple of hours, one way or the other. The MRI will come in and we'll see what happens."

On if Clinton Portis' injury was a groin or if he get dinged a little bit:

"I think he got dinged a little bit but the groin was why he went out in the third quarter."

On how important it is to win division games:

"That's what we emphasize all the time. If you win your division, you're guaranteed a home playoff game. What better way to start off a postseason with a game in your backyard? That's your first goal as a football team is to win your division and that's something we talk about."

On spending time during the offseason watching every divisional opponent:

"I think everybody does. When you're in the division, you really study the teams within your division. You really study schemes, personnel and you want to make sure that you're on top of everything they do. That goes throughout the NFL every year."

On if Andre Carter and Lorenzo Alexander playing in different spots gives Jim Haslett more versatility:

"Obviously a lot. Number one, we want to keep Andre a little bit more fresh in our nickel package. He did a great job in the nickel package and we thought Lorenzo would give us a little bit more flexibility in some of the things we do with our coverages out wide. I think it'll work out great."

On Donovan McNabb going out of bounds in the fourth quarter on third down:

"That's what we call our four-minute offense. Anytime you have the ball and you're around four minutes, you want to stay in bounds. I think Donovan was very aware of that after he went out, not thinking and trying to avoid a hit. If he had to do it over again he would've slid there. If he would have, they would have gotten the ball back with 31 seconds instead of over a minute. So, you go through all of those scenarios that occur and that's part of going back and taking a look at the film."

On Donovan McNabb grabbing his quad after he went out of bounds:

"Yes, his quad is a little tight right now. It's a little bit sore."

On three out of the four games coming down to the last play:

"Of course you'd like to find a way to win those games. We've been ahead in all of those games and we'd like to finish them a little bit earlier. Fortunately we won two and unfortunately we lost one. The one game we did lose, we had probably more opportunities in that game than any of the games to put it away earlier. But you're going to always try to learn from your mistakes and hopefully we will."

On what Ryan Torain does differently than Clinton Portis:

"Every back is different. Every back has strengths and weaknesses. If you take a look at Ryan Torain, Ryan has been a guy that has had a lot of injuries throughout his career, both college and pro. He has overcome a lot of those injuries and has worked extremely hard to get himself the opportunity to prove himself in an NFL game and that's why I was happy for him with the way he played. Yesterday, he came in and made some big runs. He's in excellent football shape and I'm looking for him to have a good NFL career and knock on wood, hopefully he can stay healthy."

On what he thinks makes Ryan Torain fit so well into his scheme:

"First of all, I think he can fit in any scheme. He's a downhill runner. You can see that type of power he had when he scored that touchdown in the first touchdown run on that little trap inside and ran over a safety. Not a lot of guys can do that and keep the late drive and obviously it turned into a touchdown. He's got a lot of attributes and that's one of the reasons why we're really positive about him."

On if previous injuries had anything to do with Ryan Torain not making the 53-man roster in the preseason:

"Sometimes you have to have a plan on what guys you think maybe will get picked up or not get picked up. With his injuries and him being released a number of times, we felt that it would be a better chance to let him go on the practice squad. We knew we would bring him up. We would have been heartbroken if someone would have taken him at that time. Percentage wise, we thought that was the best decision to make at that time. Thankfully things turned out the way that they did."

On if he felt the Eagles took away the aggressiveness of his team in the second half:

"That's football. Sometimes you make some plays and you go back and look at a bunch of different scenarios and opportunities that you had to put the game away. It could be an interception, it could be a penalty but the bottom line is that you find a way to win the game and that's what we did."

On what he thinks Ryan Torain wasn't showing him a month ago and his ability to press the hole:

"Anytime you're rotating backs throughout the preseason, that's usually when it's hard for a guy to get into a groove. I think with Ryan, we were featuring him early and you can see that he was running fairly well. When he came back and had a second opportunity, he was a little slow to start out but he started gaining that confidence and momentum. I think you can see that with what he did yesterday. Ryan is a guy that doesn't have a lot of playing experience but he's got a big upside and I can guarantee it that he will not be put on the practice squad the rest of the season."

On how early in the week he makes decisions on promoting guys from the practice squad to the 53-man roster:

"You start talking about it today. After we're done here, we start working on Green Bay. We spent most of the day this morning taking a look at the offensive film, the defensive film and special teams. We get together as a staff and talk about the grades, the things we did right and wrong and the mistakes that we made that hopefully we won't make in the future. That's usually your Monday before this [press conference]. After here, you get ready for your next game so that's what our plan will be."

On what happened with the two early timeouts in the second half:

"We had a little problem with our communication in the headsets with a play and it didn't get in. That's why we called the first timeout. The other one was based on the defense that we saw relative before the play was snapped, so we called a timeout there. Obviously that's not something you'd like to do in the first [few minutes]."

On Brandon Banks' return and Lorenzo Alexander's hit on the kickoff giving the bench a jolt:

"Banks' first punt return got us some great field position. That's what you're looking for. That's why you bring a guy up that has speed and has a chance to make a play. I thought Banks did a great job. Lorenzo seems to do this each week regardless of the other team. That was one of the best hits I've been around since I've been in the NFL. That was an explosion on the sidelines. So that was very, very special."

On how much freedom Donovan McNabb has with timeouts:

"I'm the one that called the timeout. He didn't call the timeout. He has the option to do that so he could have went either way with it but we decided to do that. I feel pretty good if we have one. We try to save one but sometimes if you take a look at history and timeouts, sometimes it's a difference in winning or losing. Most of the time you don't use them and so if you feel like you need to use them and you think it's an important time in the game, if it's early or late, my background has been to use them because most of the time you don't."

On if he was happy with Clinton Portis' effort:

"I thought he was exceptional. I thought he came back with a vengeance and ran the ball well, caught it on the screens and did everything we asked him to do. Yeah, he played very hard, tough football and made some big plays for us."

On if there is something that gave him the confidence to bring Brandon Banks up despite fumbling issues in the preseason:

"You just work on it every day in practice, ball security with guys trying to strip it, especially if you have some issues early like he did. He's a competitor and wants to make a play and he's done a good job doing that and hopefully he can keep on doing that."

On how tough it is to keep six wide receivers active:

"It's kind of tough sometimes but you look at special teams, we've got Devin as a kickoff returner, Brandon as a punt returner—that's why we brought him up. You kind of balance it out. Is it a linebacker, is it a corner? Sometimes we'll change it up week by week depending on what type of team we're facing."

On it being possible he could put Brandon Banks on kickoff returns:

"He can do both. He did that in college. He was a good kickoff returner and a punt returner. He was very successful as a wide receiver at over 1,000 yards. So, he has the background to do both."

On Trent Williams being expected to be back practicing full on Wednesday:

"I can't say for sure until I see it but [he's] much improved. I'd be surprised if he's not ready to practice on Wednesday."

On how he graded Albert Haynesworth's performance and if he sees his role expanding:

"I thought it was by far Albert's best game since I've been here. I thought he played very good and approximately 30 plays. He had a couple of holding calls against him which were difference makers in the game. He just had a lot of all-out effort. I was pleased with his performance."

On who saw LeSean McCoy's fumble and who told him to challenge the play:

"Well, you could see it right away. They had it on the scoreboard. That's what you normally don't see. I called up to the box and said, 'Hey, did you see the same thing?' They said, 'Yeah, it's definitely a fumble.'"

On how he would grade the offensive line's performance overall in yesterday's game:

"We knew going into Philly that we had to have that type of game a very tough, hard-nose type game. I was really pleased with the offensive line with their effort and sticking with it and playing tough football for 60 minutes. There were some highs and lows but overall we had to be physical and I thought we were."

On Albert Haynesworth saying the more plays he gets the more he'll play like he did yesterday:

"Let me say, the more he plays like that, the more he'll play."

On what he thinks of Chris Cooley as a blocker:

"I think we've got two tight ends, in fact three with Logan [Paulsen], but two that were dressed, that are extremely effective with doing both. They both take a lot of pride in their blocking and they both take a lot of pride in their pass catching ability. A lot of times when you have tight ends, they take pride in one area or the other. Usually it's hard to get tight ends to take pride in both and both of these guys do. They're both team players."

On Artis Hicks' being out due to an illness:

"I don't want to get into detail right now but I think he'll be fine and ready to go on Wednesday."

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