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Mike Shanahan Post-Game Press Conference

On tonight's 42-17 win:
"We played with lots of effort today. I thought, overall, we got a chance to evaluate a lot of people — first, second, third and even fifth stringers. I thought we gave some good effort. I thought we played well and other times not so well, but it was a good first game and hopefully we can build from here."

On the Redskins offense:
"I think in our first drive everyone was really excited to play and we weren't quite in a rhythm on offense and defense. We came back and regained our poise on both sides of the ball. We started moving the ball and concentrating a little bit better. Overall, we still need to improve. I thought the first drive we were a little bit off-balance. The first drive we were trying to play a little bit too hard. We are just trying to play one play at a time. At the end of the day, you have to learn the turnover value and we did that today. Three to zip in that area. At three to zip, usually you are going to win football games during the season, so I am pleased in that area. Like all preseason games, this was the first time we were tackling this year and getting tackled. I was pleased in that area. We were not perfect by any means, but we have a chance to get better from there."

On the score not reflecting the work still needed this season:
"Our guys are mature enough to understand that this is the first step and we have a long way to go. You have to find a way to win a football game. Obviously, we did that and I thought we did some good things during the game. There are some pluses and minuses."

On wide receiver Brandon Bank's 77-yard punt return for touchdown:
"I can't say that it surprised me at all with the way he has played, not necessarily as a returner but as a wide receiver. He consistently makes plays; he has great speed, cutting ability and an excellent set of hands. It is nice to see him go out there and make a play or a couple of plays today. That first punt return was pretty good."

On tackle Trent Williams:
"I thought he did a good job. It is hard to say for sure until I look for the film. He had one penalty in there, that one dump that he had called back. We had him lining up to far in the backfield, but I am very pleased for the first game."

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall's interception:
"DeAngelo has excellent hands and excellent anticipation. The quarterback just hesitated a little bit, but DeAngelo is going to make a play. It doesn't take a whole lot because he is going to get there very quickly. He has great anticipation, excellent hands and does it consistently against our offense."

On quarterback Rex Grossman:
"I was pleased with Rex. He went in there and executed the offense well. He was put in some tough situations and I was pleased with the way he stood in there. Like all quarterbacks, they are always looking for a couple of plays here and there, but overall, I thought he had a good game."

On defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth:
"It is truly hard to say upfront. I need to get a chance to evaluate him on film over the next 24 hours."

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