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Mike Shanahan Post-Game Press Conference

On Sunday's game vs. Houston:

"That type of game is always tough to lose. You had your opportunities to put the game away and you don't take advantage of it – that is what happened today. I thought our football team played extremely hard and we had our opportunities a number of times to seal it and we didn't get it done. So, we have to go back, look at the things we did poorly and hopefully correct on that and get better each week."

On the breakdown of the field goal:

"I have to take a look at that on film. It looked like they blocked it from the outside, between the wing or they came from the outside – I couldn't really tell. But, it looked like the pressure came from the outside and I wasn't sure if the timing was off or not, but it was obviously a big play."

On quarterback Donovan McNabb:

"He did some good things – offensively, we made some mistakes as well. We had some opportunities to score some more points earlier in the red zone. We had a couple of field goals, but anytime you throw for over 400-yards, obviously we did some good things. But, when you lose you lose. When I look at the film I will be able to tell you a little bit better. Collectively we moved the ball well, scored a few points and we just didn't get it done."

On left tackle Trent Williams:

"No, we will get an MRI on his knee. Right now the issue is his knee and I will let you know more once he has the MRI."

On the running game:

"We have been working on it, but we are just not as good as we want to. I can't tell you and I am not going to tell you exactly why, but we will keep on working on it and hopefully we will get better."

On what he could have accomplished with a win tonight (a 2-0 start to the season):

"Well, I think everybody can say that, I think everybody feels that way that is in this room. Obviously, they felt very good that they were able to come back. We missed a couple of opportunities there and missed some field goals. Obviously, at the end we had an opportunity to put it away as well. Bottom line is that they got it done and we didn't. So, we got to go back and be pretty tough on yourself. The thing that is that our football team played hard throughout the game. We just made a few too many mistakes at crucial times."

On Texans' quarterback Matt Schaub throwing for over 400 yards:

"It is always disappointing when the quarterback has that type of day. But, Matt Schaub is a heck of a quarterback. To watch him set up and throw and read coverages, he is a pretty special guy. I got a lot of respect for him and he is one of the most underrated guys in the league. He really did a heck of a job today and disguised some coverages as well."

On what it is like to see an offense so similar to his:

"Well, you definitely know some plays that are coming at you. You can see why their team is so good, regardless if his quarterback keeps or drops back passes he recovers as well and he made some good decisions today."

On the challenges:

"Well, the first one on the replay it looked like the ball was on the ground. The second one, I knew that was a catch – I don't know why they had to replay that one. The first one when I looked, at least the angle from the big screen on the scoreboard, you could see the ball touch the ground, but I wasn't sure if it was the same feed that they had on TV."

On the 4h and 10 that they converted to wide receiver Andre Johnson:

"Well, obviously it was a great athlete making a play. He threw it up there and he had a lot of pressure on him. I think the quarterback did a good job of just kind of sitting back there and buying some time. He just kind of threw it up in the air and you have a great athlete, who has an excellent vertical jump, who made a big play in the end zone."

On if defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth tested his ankle before the game and found out he wasn't able to go:

"Yes, he tested his ankle and wasn't able to go."

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