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Mike Shanahan Post-Game Press Conference

On Sunday night's 13-7 win over Dallas:

"It was a nice game and win. As I told our players, sometimes the offense is going to play good, other times the defense and special teams, but at the end of the day, we got to find a way to win and that is what we did today. I thought the crowd was a huge part of this win. They could hardly hear the snap count and I thought we had a big advantage there relative to the crowd noise. Obviously, a few penalties in there were dictated by the crowd right there at the end. They got off a little bit slow on a couple of the snap counts so that was a big advantage there. Anyway, I am very pleased with our team, heck of a job. When you move the ball like we did on offense it is hard to beat a good football team and find a way to do that, so I am very proud of the full effort I have seen."

On if it is the most bizarre ending to a football game he has experienced:

"No, no it isn't. I have experienced a lot of games like that through the years and I saw that coming too. I saw it when Tony (Romo) started scrambling. I saw when he got in there. I saw it right away. I saw Tony throw it. I didn't even take a look at the play. I thought we had a lot of pressure during the four-man rush and even in that situation you got to find a way to get plays."

On if he knew there was going to be a holding penalty on the last play:

"Yes, that is what I was saying. I saw it right away. We had a pretty good rush and I always look at the pass rush first because we are playing the same coverage. We got somebody inside right away and we almost had a sack in there."

On why he had his headset off for the last play:

"It was the last play. I took it off when they had three seconds on the clock. I figured they could only get one play off, or at least that is what I thought, and it turned out that way."

On the constant pressure from the defense:

"We talked about turnovers on the first day – that is what separates teams. We got a big one right there at half with DeAngelo Hall coming up with that play, just a heads up play. Our guys tried to strip the ball and the other team did a good job with ball security. We needed those big plays, obviously we struggled on offense and we got to find a way to win. I am very proud with how they handled themselves."

On how surprised he was that Dallas tried to run a play from its own 36-yard line with little time left in the half:

"Well, I think everybody who has the mindset – I have done it myself – all of a sudden you never know when a big play happens. All of a sudden you look back and see something like that you always second guess yourself and that is just the nature of this business. I don't care how many years you do it, when you go back you like to take back plays. Normally a play like that doesn't happen very often, but it was just a heads up play by DeAngelo Hall and it worked in our favor."

On taking points off the board to continue a drive and the high snap on the Redskins' second field goal attempt:

"It is easy for me because I have always done it. Sometimes, it will come back to haunt you just like it did, but sometimes it won't, especially where he kicked it. We got a good chance and they did a good job. We just fumbled the high snap, I am not exactly sure, I didn't get a chance to see it on reply. It looked like it was a little high snap and they didn't get a field goal. Things like that happen every once in a while and thank God we were able to overcome it."

On the offense:

"It takes a while to get used to our offense. We had little problems in there with communication with the headsets, but I think in the heat of battle it just takes some time. We were a little off with some of our communication and that is kind of typical when you miss some weeks in there and all of a sudden you're in game situations. The crowd was loud, you are going through all the nuances of getting the offense together, so we weren't as sharp as we liked, but we will get there."

On his opinion of the win:

"You have to find a way to win in this business. A lot of teams are very close and especially against good football teams, you got to find a way to get it done. That is what our football team did today. They played exceptionally well on defense, special teams and offense. They had a couple of good things but we have a ways to go. We are going to keep on working to try and get us at the level that it takes to be a championship offense."

On running back Clinton Portis:

"I thought he did a little bit better in the second half, I think they kind of stunned us a little bit in the first half. I think Donovan McNabb had one run and all of our runs were just a yard or two and I thought Clinton had a few big plays in there right at the end and helped us out."

On the movement between the tackles:

"We got guys that are very are in very close of the competition and we are getting a chance to look at them. Jammal Brown was in a situation where I didn't feel he has actually had had enough plays to actually go through a full game, so Stephon Heyer switched off with Jammal to keep Jammal from getting re-injured. He has only gone more then 30-something plays so we want to make sure we didn't lose him after this game. Derrick Dockery and Kory Lichtensteiger are very close relative to how they played in the preseason and I want to give both guys a chance and keep them fresh and I will see how they played after the game."

On safety LaRon Landry's 17 tackles:

"In preseason he had 10 tackles at half. So, play a full game you know he is going to be somewhere in that area. He is an excellent football player – intense, great speed. He is going to make plays and he is into it and I am very proud of the way he played."

On Josh Bidwell's 27-yard punt:

"Things like that happen. You are going to have turnovers, you are going to have bad punts, but you got to find a way to step up and make some plays and gain good field position. A number of times during the game we played defense really well, we didn't stop them on every play, but overall I am very pleased with how they did in very adverse situations."

On what it means to him to beat Dallas at home during his first regular season game as a Redskins head coach:

"I think it is very special because Dallas is a very good football team and you always want to win at your stadium and the fans with the way they were – we didn't win a division game last year. I thought it would be a great way to start off obviously this year and fortunately we found a way to get it done."

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