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Mike Shanahan Post-Game Press Conference

On Monday's 59-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles:

"Philly obviously did a great job tonight. We got out-played and out-coached in every area. [I give] credit to them [Philly]. I take full responsibility for it. I should have them prepared better than I did. As I told our players, we got a short week and we got to focus on getting ready for Tennessee. But, these games do happen and we are not very proud when they do happen. We are very embarrassed as an organization, for our players and our football team. Hopefully we can respond accordingly."

On if the loss is the worst lost he has ever been associated with:

"I have been in this business for a while. We have been in the field and they did an excellent job on offense. Michael Vick did an excellent job on offense. Big credit to Michael Vick, he made some plays that I haven't seen a lot of quarterbacks make for a long time. When something wasn't there in the passing game, he made plays with his legs. He had a really big time game."

On what his motivation was for finalizing Donovan McNabb's extension now:

"We talked about it from day one. I think we shared this once we signed him. We were in conversations to get this thing done early when we first got him and when we first made the commitment. There have been ongoing talks to get it done by the bye week and we did."

On his confidence in the next five years since they signed McNabb:

"Hopefully very confident and hopefully we get better as an offense. We did some good things today. We had big plays. We have got to sustain drives. We had 200 yards, I believe, in the first half and four first downs. We got to get more consistent. We show signs of getting better, but we were 0-for-10 in third downs today, 1-for-1 in fourth downs. You can't win football games when you are 0-10 in third downs."

On his concerns with their troubles in third down situations:

"It is just something we have been very poor on. We are going to continue to work on it. We moved the football and did some good things, but not quite good enough. Especially with a total effort, I shouldn't say total effort, but a break down in a couple of different areas. You score that many points you are going to have to be 20-for-20 in third downs."

On the pushing and shoving that occurred near the Eagles sideline:

"You know I am not really sure what happened. I was over there. Emotions are very high before a game and I am not exactly sure what transpired."

On running back Ryan Torain:

"Ryan was going full speed three days in a row, took all the reps and put all the pressure on it. For some reason he strained his hamstrings in warm ups. He did a lot of stretching. It was a little bit of a setback. We worked Darrel Young a lot during the week in case something like this did happen and we had to go to the third back. He came in and did a pretty good job. Keiland Williams for the first time really got some extended playing and he did a fine job when he was in there."

On if he ever thought about pulling Donovan McNabb:

"No, we struggled as a unit. It is an offense of all 11 people working together. We made some strides in certain areas, but obviously not enough to keep drives going."

On if it was encouraging to get some points on the board:

"Yes, I thought that was very encouraging and in fact I thought we had a chance to get back in it right at the half. I thought that after we had the 21 points, they had the fumble on the kickoff return and we had a chance to get on the 38-yard line and run it. They did a great job having the ball. I am not sure how many minutes it was, but it had to be a seven minute drive in there. They took it all the way down the field and made some big third downs."

On cornerback Carlos Rogers:

"Yes, he has got a hamstring [injury]."

On how much the loss hurts after coming off the bye week:

"It is always tough. Anytime you are embarrassed it is tough to take, especially when you work so hard to win within the division. You win out there and they come in here and make some big plays right away. All of a sudden they are about 250-300 yards in the first quarter. That doesn't happen very often, especially with our football team. We got to go back to the drawing board and hopefully play better next week."

On what happened in the first quarter:

"Well, I will give you the first play of the game. There are not too many guys that can throw the ball, I am not sure how far it was in the air, 65 yards. A lot of wide receivers will judge that ball a little bit better than safeties and that is just the nature of the game. Very few guys can buy that time and take the ball down field like that. It was a great play on their part both as a quarterback and a receiver."

On the defensive and offensive meetings that took place on the field:

"I think it was a good point. Anytime you are down 35-0 and all of a sudden it looks like the world in caving in, do you step up and respond? I think we did. I thought we did some good things. We had a chance to get back up, I believe in the 10-yard line, we just scored 14 and had a chance to get right back in the ball game. We wanted a couple of drives and we just couldn't get things going. We got to get better there."

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