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Moss: 'It's Time to Play Our Best Game'

Wide receiver Santana Moss spoke with about how opposing teams are approaching the Redskins' offense and how defenses are rolling coverage his way:

Q: Are defenses approaching the Redskins' offense differently now than earlier in the season?

A: "Yes, but that's just the way the season goes. When it gets late in the season like this, there is nothing new to teams. Teams are going to see what you've done to get you this far and what you could do. They'll try to capitalize on that [knowledge] by not allowing you to do that. With that in mind, we just have to go about our business and try to find ways to do things that [opponents] are not particularly looking for."

Q: In your playing career, have you ever been the focus of a defense?

A: "I had a lot of attention coming my way two years ago when I was in New York. I feel it just makes you better as a player. I go out now knowing that as long as I keep catching balls and making plays, regardless of what attention comes my way, I'm still helping the team."

Q: What can the offense do to get into a better rhythm, especially later in games?

A: "We just need to do the things that we do every day--not just watching film and seeing where we stand as an offense. We'll run the plays that we know we can run, but we'll scheme them in a [new] way that will give other guys a chance to get the ball. I'm one of those guys that, anytime an opportunity is given, I'm going to try to capitalize on it. Therefore, all we can do is get better from here. We know that we have some games that we pretty much let sneak away this season."

Q: How can the offense minimize mistakes and close out games in the fourth quarter?

A: "As a team, we have to learn how to finish. Regardless of who makes mistakes, we're a team. If one player doesn't do it, then we're going to have to have his back. It's a team game. As an offensive guy, I'm the first guy to tell you that we can't leave it on the defense. We have to go out and just finish it. That's all we have to go out there and do. Coaches know that an dplayer s know that."

Q: Is this the type of offense that can be a ball-control offense late in games?

A: "We can do so many things on offense, but what good is it for me to tell you that now and then we don't do it? I feel that we just have to do what got us wins early. The best way to handle any situation is just to do it."

Q: You've known Clinton Portis for a long time. What's your take on his weekly costumes?

A: "He's just having fun. He does it for the media, and I'm pretty sure they're pleased because it's something different. It's cool. It helps him relax and it keeps him from getting all stressed out from questions about his game. I think it's all in good fun. He looks forward to it and I look forward to just seeing what he comes up with every week."

Q: Do you look at any of the season's final games as more important than others?

A: "Right now, this far into the season, you have to look forward to going against whoever you play, regardless of their record, rating and everything else. Every team is going to pretty much get up to either extend their season or make sure that someone else doesn't go to the playoffs. If they don't have a chance to make the playoffs, then they're looking to make sure that you don't have a chance. Regardless of the situation, it's time to go out and play our best game."

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