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Moss: Scrimmage Was a 'Good Test'

Santana Moss, making his first official appearance in a Redskins uniform, spoke with following Saturday's scrimmage against the Baltimore Ravens. Moss caught two passes for 15 yards in the contest.

Q: Were you able to get into a flow during the scrimmage?

A: "We passed almost every down for the first few [series], so yes. For the first time going against someone new, it was alright. It showed that there are a lot of things we'll have to work on, but you also have to take it for what it was: a scrimmage. We'll learn from it."

Q: How important was it to go against a different team, instead of your teammates [in training camp]?

A: "It's fun going against a team that doesn't know what you're doing. It was a good test for us. The thing about it is, you don't have a chance beforehand to really look at what defense they're going to throw at you. So you have to go out there and kind of free-lance. A lot of us didn't know what to expect from the scrimmage."

Q: What do you learn about yourself and the team from a scrimmage?

A: "All it is to me is a practice. You're just going against a different team. Whether you make some plays or not, you're trying to see what you can do well and you're trying to see what you need to change and improve on in the next week in practice."

Q: It appeared Patrick Ramsey was off on some of his early throws. Was he a little too fired up to be out there?

A: "Not really. He was taking the opportunities he had and was trying to make something happen. When you're a receiver, you have to take your opportunities, too. Patrick did alright. We just have to look at it on film and see what we can learn from it."

Q: Does it seem to you like the defense is a little bit ahead of the offense at this point of training camp?

A: "I don't know about that. All I can say is that we went into this trying to take advantage of our opportunities. We tried to move the ball the best we could, and whether or not we got that done, that was our goal. We wanted to go out there and get something accomplished."

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