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Moss Taking Advantage of An Opportunity

Santana Moss spoke with shortly after his introductory press conference at Redskins Park on Thursday:

Q: With the Jets willing to trade you, do you feel like you have something to prove?

A: "Not at all. I know the reason behind all of this. And I know how the league works. We had a lot of great players on the Jets that went on to other teams, so with that in mind, you know that in this league it can be [uncertain] as to where you play year-in and year-out. I don't even worry about that part of the game."

Q: It was a missed field goal that kept you and the Jets out of the AFC Championship game last January. Did you feel like you had a lot to do with getting the Jets in that position?

A: "I don't talk much about myself and what I've done. But if you watch the games and what I've done, I've strived to make the plays to give us a chance. A lot of other guys stepped up to do the same thing. I was a team guy and we all contributed, but every opportunity I had to help the team, I took advantage of it."

Q: In coming to Washington, do you see an opportunity to become the No. 1 receiver on this team?

A: "It's a big opportunity. But when I look at receivers, sometimes a No. 3 receiver can look like a No. 1 receiver. It depends on how teams use each guy. It's not about what number you are, it's about just taking advantage of every opportunity that you're given and going out and doing the best with it. Players can be what [coaches] allow them to be. If I had the chance to be something bigger, then I would have been bigger. That's why I don't worry about what expectations are--I just worry about what I'm allowed to do."

Q: Everyone knows about your speed. What else in your game do you feel you bring to the table?

A: "Coaches would always ask me what outside of my speed do I have. I think to me, I use to my advantage my route-running. I run some good routes. I watch other players, old and present, and take something from them and try it out in my game. That's what I have always done. I remember myself in high school when I played for a school where we were an option team and I never really had the ball thrown my way. But when it was time to throw the ball, people always wondered how I was so prepared. I just stayed focused and made sure I was ready for the opportunity. My job is to separate myself from the defender, so catching the ball wouldn't be a problem."

Q: Were you close with Laveranues Coles in New York?

A: "To be honest, when I was in New York, he was the guy who took me under his wing and told me he was going to help me adjust to this league. He told me, 'Hey, just be yourself and have fun.' I'm the type of guy, I keep to myself, but when I'm around the people who I'm accustomed to, I'm more comfortable."

Q: Did you and Coles talk over the course of the last few weeks?

A: "One time we talked about what was going on. I had heard from some other people that he wanted out [of Washington]. It wasn't really in my hands and I wasn't worried about it. I just focused on whoever has the chance to have me, I'm going to come and give my all."

Q: It was reported in New York newspapers that you expressed some concern to the Jets last season that you felt you weren't getting the ball enough. Did it concern you at all that Coles was unhappy in a Redskins offense that wasn't as successful in the downfield passing game?

A: "The reason why it doesn't concern me was because of his numbers. He had opportunities. He had 100-plus balls thrown his way last year and I had 60-plus balls thrown my way. So when you look at those numbers, I don't see this offense as conservative. Last year, there were times [with the Jets] when I was out there and I just wanted the ball. I wanted to do something. I wanted to feel I was a part of it."

Q: Were you told of the story about how this team considered drafting you in 2001?

A: "I remember that the whole time, it was 'Washington is going to draft you.' The day of the draft, I went to New York. I'm pleased that this organization has always had its eye on me. They told me the whole story behind that draft and now I get the opportunity to see what they wanted out of me."

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