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Moss: 'We Don't Need' Possession Receiver

Santana Moss begins his second season with the Redskins. Last year, he emerged as an elite receiver, catching 84 passes for a franchise-record 1,483 yards and nine touchdowns. This year, Moss has a new offense to learn, along with new teammates at wide receiver in Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Lloyd. Moss spoke with and media during the June 16-18 mini-camp:

Q: There seems to be some talk lately about the Redskins being capable of making a run deep into the playoffs. How is the team approaching its goals this season?

A: "Every team in the NFL, the first thing they are going to tell you is that the Super Bowl is their goal. That's how it's supposed to be. You still have to take into consideration that 31 other teams are talking the same noise and only two of them get to go. So as long as you are handling your business and preparing yourself to be there, then you may be there. Until then, I can't talk about it until I'm there."

Q: How far along are you and your teammates in learning Al Saunders' offense?

A: "We've gone through OTAs and mini-camp and we've had a period to learn most of it right now to this point. I think we're at the level where we have it--we just have to go out there and execute. Coach Saunders is the real deal. You understand why his offenses are always in the top at the end of the year because he's the type of coach who shows you what he wants on the field. You just have to go out there and carry out your assignment."

Q: Some say the offense lacks a true possession receiver, someone with height who can make a 10-yard catch over the middle. Do you agree with that assessment?

A: "It's not a problem. We don't need it. I think we have plenty of guys who can catch the ball and make plays. We have tight ends that can catch the ball, we have fullbacks that can catch the ball, and we have running backs that can catch the ball. It's always about moving the ball in this league. It doesn't matter if they catch it for 10 yards or 50 yards, sometimes you want the touchdown instead of 10 yards. If everyone can score touchdowns out of one catch, then I wouldn't worry about a possession receiver."

Q: Having spent the offseason with Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Lloyd, what are your impressions of them so far?

A: "They can make me better. If a guy in my situation doesn't look at it that way, then he hasn't really been paying attention to how this game works. I think if you have receivers who can take a little attention off of you, with their abilities, then they can make you that much more of a threat. We all saw what happened to me last year late in the season, when teams started doubling and tripling me, to the point where I got frustrated. My whole focus then was just to be productive and consistent. That is the same focus I carry out every year. Now with our new gang of receivers, and knowing how this offense runs, I am looking forward to the things that we can do together."

Q: Good chemistry?

A: "We have been in OTAs together, we have a friendship down, and we are all down the field making plays together. It's not hard to get that when you put the sandlot teams together. It's not hard to go and put up some points on somebody, when you are familiar with [teammates]. These are the guys that are going to be there for you. You have to look at it and say, 'Let's get a feel for each other now.' That makes it fun to be out there competing with these guys every day."

Q: Was the team hindered at all by Mark Brunell not being able to participate in the June mini-camp? [Mark sat out the mini-camp due to a fractured finger.]

A: "We know what Mark can do. I think it helped us to get a better feel for Jason Campbell and Todd Collins, because you never know what will happen through the course of a season. In OTAs, we had Mark out there rifling the ball around. I'm just happy to have three good quarterbacks out there, because you never know who can step in there and do what they do. We know what Mark can do. I'm just looking forward to having him out there regardless."

Q: What are your impressions of new QB Todd Collins?

A: "Todd is good. You can tell he's been doing his thing. You haven't seen him on the field at Kansas City, but you can tell he learned a lot. He came in here pretty much showing us how this offense needs to be run. It's a good thing that we have a quarterback who knows where the ball is supposed to be placed in this offense, because of all the routes and patterns. Just to have him here is a plus for us."

Q: How has Jason Campbell looked this offseason?

A: "He has looked pretty good. It was not easy for him being a first-year quarterback last year. He had to learn a new offense--and then this year he has another offense to learn. So it's not easy being him right now. But he has the arm. I think once he grasps this thing, he'll be all right."

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