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News And Notes From Monday's NFL League Meetings


The NFL's annual meetings continued on Monday in Phoenix, as the league announced the Raiders' move to Las Vegas along with other votes -- including a few Redskins proposals -- on the horizon.

--The NFL is now seeing a third franchise set to move to a new city in the last 15 months, as the league announced on Monday that the Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas in the future. They've now joined the Rams (St. Louis to Los Angeles in 2016) and the Chargers (San Diego to Los Angeles in 2017) as teams on the go in recent months. This is the fourth time

now that the Raiders have changed their hometown, going from Oakland to Los Angeles and then back to Oakland, where they returned for the 1995 season. Also, this situation is a little bit different than the instant transition the Chargers and Rams experienced, as the Raiders will remain in Oakland at least for the 2017 season and possibly for 2018 and even 2019 as well.

--There is a Redskins related note on this move, as Washington hosts the Raiders at FedExField during the 2017 season. It is the first time the Raiders have visited FedExField since the Nov. 25, 2005. In fact, that is the only time the Raiders have played in FedExField since the stadium opened for the 1997 season.

--Washington is currently next scheduled to play the Raiders on the road in 2021, which, by then, a new stadium should be built in Las Vegas.

--Speaking of Redskins games for the upcoming year, Washington will face the Chargers in front of a packed crowd, as Los Angeles announced on Monday that all season tickets currently available for sale at the StubHub Center for the 2017 regular season have been sold. Unlike the Los Angeles Coliseum (where the Redskins will visit this year as well) that seats 90,000, the StubHub Center is unique to the NFL setting of stadiums. Home to the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS, the StubHub Center seats only 30,000. To put just how quaint the stadium will be in perspective, the next smallest structure is actually the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum, which seats more than 56,000. The Redskins last faced the Chargers on the road on Jan. 3, 2010.

--This is the week that the league will vote on various rule and bylaw proposals including five that the Redskins provided last week. Among them are changes to the cutdown process, instant replay, active/exemption lists and uniform choices on Thursday Night Football. You can read about all of the proposals from the Redskins here.

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