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News & Notes: 'Blatant' Hold On Orakpo Not Called


Brian Orakpo is used to getting held by offensive linemen when he rushes the passer.

That doesn't make it any easier to accept.

Orakpo has a legitimate gripe following Sunday's 17-16 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Late in the fourth quarter, Orakpo appeared to be held around the neck by Bucs' left tackle Donald Penn, giving quarterback Josh Freeman time to throw downfield.

Freeman's pass connected with tight end Kellen Winslow, who broke free from coverage and scored what would prove to be a game-winning 41-yard touchdown catch.

Afterwards, Orakpo looked around for a yellow flag.

The field was all green.

Then Orakpo looked for the closest referee to argue his case.

"I was held around the neck," a frustrated Orakpo said in the locker room after the game. "It was clear as day. I can't – when you're held in that position, around your neck, you can't move."

On the sidelines, head coach Mike Shanahan approached a referee with a photo of Orakpo getting held by Penn.

Shanahan declined to discuss the conversation he had with the referee.

In his post-game press conference, Shanahan said of the play: "[Orakpo] wasn't held, he was mugged."

The play called to mind the Redskins' season opener against Dallas when Orakpo was held by offensive tackle Alex Barron on the game's last play as quarterback Tony Romo fired a touchdown pass to Roy Williams.

That time, the penalty flag was thrown and the Redskins held on to win 13-7.

On Sunday, Orakpo said he was "very stunned" there was no flag thrown.

"That was one of the most blatant ones," Orakpo said. "Almost like Dallas. It was ridiculous."

Orakpo was asked if he should find a way to alert referees to how often he is held during games.

"Maybe I have to," he said. "I try not to resort to that because I just want to play the game. But, you know, maybe I'm going to have to [do that] before games and let those guys know that. I mean – it has been consistent year-round, every week. I'm drawing holding calls every week.

"I don't know, it's very frustrating, because that was a huge play that could have turned the game around if I make the play. And I'm right there. For somebody to hold me around the neck? It's not fair to the team, it's not fair to our defense that has been working so hard throughout the whole game."


Santana Moss is fast becoming one of the top wide receivers in Redskins franchise history.

Moss's 22-yard catch in the second quarter was his 415th career reception as a Redskin, moving him into fifth place all-time in franchise history.

He moved ahead of Ricky Sanders, who had 414 career receptions in seven seasons (1986-93) with the Redskins.

Moss finished Sunday's game with a team-high seven catches for 82 yards and one touchdown.

He needs two catches to move pass Jerry Smith into fourth place in Redskins franchise history.

Moss also moved into fifth place all-time in receiving yards in franchise history. He surpassed Sanders, who had 5,854 receiving yards for the Redskins.


With his 1-yard touchdown pass to Logan Paulsen in the second quarter, Donovan McNabb has thrown a touchdown pass in the Redskins' last 12 games.

The last Redskins quarterback to throw a touchdown pass in 12 consecutive games was Joe Theismann in the 1984 season.

McNabb has thrown 14 touchdown passes this season.

He finished Sunday's game with 22-of-35 completions for 228 yards and two touchdowns.

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