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News & Notes: Samuels to Test Knee Injury


Chris Samuels is going to try to play through a knee injury that could require surgery at some point, head coach Jim Zorn said on Monday.

Samuels was deactivated for Sunday's game against the Lions due to the injury. It was the first game that Samuels had missed since 2003.

"There is a little cartilage in there that's irritating him," Zorn said. "We're not doing any surgery right now. We're going to try to get him ready to play for Monday night [against Pittsburgh]. We're going to try to get that thing to quiet down."

Asked if Samuels would eventually need surgery on the knee, Zorn replied: "It's likely. He has had two surgeries on that knee--both scopes. We know it's going to be sore.

"It may not be that type of injury where you need to address the surgery issue yet. But at some point, with the wear and tear, we probably will."

Stephon Heyer started for Samuels in Sunday's 25-17 win over the Lions.

Zorn assessed Heyer on Monday: "In some situations he was great. But he jumped off-sides one time and he missed that stunt and allowed a blind-side hit [on Jason Campbell]. I will tell you what I'm excited about with Stephon. He battles hard, he took the challenge of battling very fast defensive ends.

"For the most part, all Stephon has to do is just get lower. He got high-centered and pushed back a couple times. But if he can play lower and bend, he'll get even better."

If Samuels can play against Pittsburgh next Monday night, then he would have the bye the following week to rest until the Redskins' next game (on Nov. 16 against Dallas).


Santana Moss injured his hamstring in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game against the Lions.

The injury was termed a mild hamstring strain by the team. He was able to return to the game.

"It swelled up on him, so we'll just wait and see at the end of the week how it feels," Jim Zorn said on Monday.

Moss returned a punt 80 yards for a touchdown in the Redskins' 25-17 win over the Lions.

Zorn said he expects to use Moss once a game on punt returns.

"Antwaan Randle El is our punt returner, but at some point we'd like to see Santana come in and return a punt," Zorn said. "I'm hoping to do that every game--just give him a chance.

"But we're using him so much on offense, it's a tough balance because there's a risk of getting him injured on a punt return and I need him on offense."


Redskins players admit they are wearing down after five preseason games and eight regular season games--with one more to go before the bye on Nov. 9.

Said Zorn after the Detroit win last Sunday: "We didn't do a Hip Hip Hooray, but I walked in [to the locker room] and I go, 'Victory Monday! And there's a slow clap here or there. Then I go, 'We're 6-2! And there's still a slow clap. The energy was just not there.

"I was trying to get some rise out of them. But that's why I say they're tired. They have been giving it great effort."

Added Campbell: "We've been going for a while and you can tell that all of the bumps and bruises are starting to add up for this team. We're one of the last teams in the NFL to have a bye week, so we have to continue to press on and get through this week."


Clinton Portis suffered an ankle injury in the latter stages of Sunday's game in Detroit.

He was seen walking without a limp at post-game, though.

"Clinton has some soreness in his ankle, and his hip flexor is always an issue," Jim Zorn said. "He has been a workman. He is sore. We have one more push and then he gets a little break [courtesy of the bye week]. We just have to fight through the rest of the season."

Zorn said he expected Portis would be available to play in next Monday's game against Pittsburgh.

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