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'One Man Gang' Alexander Is Back For More


Last season, Lorenzo Alexander earned the nickname "One Man Gang" as a three-way player.

Alexander played a role on defensive tackle, offensive guard and special teams.

So what's in store for 2008?

The "One Man Gang" is expected to make a return engagement, once again serving in multiple roles.

"I'll be playing pretty much what I did last year," Alexander said. "Coach [Jim] Zorn likes what was going last year as far as my role, so I'll be rushing the passer on third downs, [serving as an] extra offensive lineman, and then [playing] my special teams role."

And that's fine with him.

"The more you can do, the better," he said. "That's always the golden rule around here. I like doing it. It's fun."

Alexander's role morphed into the "One Man Gang" midseason last year.

He had spent most of 2006 on the Redskins' practice squad, proving his versatility by playing defensive tackle--his natural position--and offensive line on the scout team.

He continued that role during off-season work, catching the eye of assistant head coach-offense Joe Bugel.

When a series of injuries hit the offensive line early in the season, Alexander was pressed into action on the offensive side of the ball. Along with playing guard, he served as an extra tight end in short-yardage packages and he even played some fullback.

At one point, it was joked that defensive coordinator Greg Blache and Bugel would end up having to fight for Alexander's services.

No need, though. Alexander welcomed the opportunity for playing time.

"The first couple of weeks my head was kind of spinning a little bit, but as time passed, I grew more comfortable with picking up linebackers [on offense] and understanding. I knew the defense fine. It was [learning] the offense, where guys move and adjust.

"The more you do it, the more comfortable you are with it."

Now that Alexander knows his role heading into 2008, he feels he'll be better prepared at playing on both lines.

He is expected to participate in offensive meetings, and then get together with teammates on defense prior to games for his defensive assignments.

"The mental part of it will be taken care of earlier now," he said. "I'll be more serious about offense in OTAs because I know I'll be doing it."

And maybe one game, offensive coaches will let Alexander run a route--and catch a pass--from the jumbo package.

It's a play the team has run in practice in the past.

"They were getting pretty creative in how they used me, and I enjoyed it," Alexander said. "I'm a little guy at heart and I like going out for routes. So being a big guy and being able to do some things with the wide receivers and tight ends, it's real fun for me."

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