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'One Of Those Kodak Moments:' How The Redskins Reacted To A Dallas-Defeating Doink 


Sunday's 20-17 victory over the Cowboys was a memorable one for the Redskins, but it didn't come without an emotional roller coaster ride in the final seconds. With Washington leading by three, the Dallas offense had driven down the field and set themselves up for a potential game-tying field goal of 47 yards.

A snap infraction penalty on the Cowboys long snapper subsequently made it a 52-yard attempt. That seemingly made all the difference, as kicker Brett Maher's boot hit off the left upright sending FedExField into a frenzy. Here's what the Redskins players were thinking as the sequence played out.

The Penalty Flag Is Thrown

Jonathan Allen was just doing his job: "Hey man, it's the ref's job to call the penalties and it's my job to keep rushing. I'm glad we got it and I'm just rushing and fighting and whatever happens, happens."

Daron Payne had seen that kind of play before, but had no words to describe the call: "They move the ball all the time, so… boy, oh boy. Man, oh man."

Trent Williams was glad to see the flag, knowing it would have an impact: "I was stressing, I was stressing. I was so happy that it went from being [47] to [52], I think that made the difference, especially with the wind whipping around like it was."

Ryan Kerrigan was stressed: "I didn't see it. I definitely was sweating a little bit when I saw movement over there. It's kind of crazy the difference five yards can make in a football. The kick wasn't too far off, but lucky for us it was." 

Adrian Peterson was confident in a miss: "So, the penalty came from a false start. Obviously before it was like, miss it, miss it. Then you push it back five yards and it's like, he's going to miss it -- I remember saying to a few guys, 'He's about to miss this kick.' And, I'm thinking, my mind is already set just in case, but I really wasn't floating overtime, to be honest with you."

The Kick Is Up

Jonathan Allen began getting ready for overtime: "It looked good from my angle, so I was just like, let's get ready for overtime."

Daron Payne was trying to affect the kick: "Get off pressure and get your hands up."

Kapri Bibbs knew the kick wasn't a sure thing: "Oh man, you know what? I said right before he kicked it, I said, 'this ain't a gimme.' You know, none of this is a gimme. Especially in this league and I've seen it multiple times. Especially when you're in this type environment, in this Redskin crowd. Everybody got those signs up, 'Hail Yeah,' cause it's not easy out here and we're not going to make it easy for you. That kicker must have felt that."

Mason Foster was hoping for things to finally fall the Redskins way: "Man, it was crazy, just hoping, praying for real. We had been working hard, everybody's living right. Something had to go our way, I'm just glad that it did happen like that. It was a great game, it was something great to be a part of. We played hard, they played hard, we knew it was going to come down to that and it did."


Jonathan Allen could finally take a breath and laugh: When it missed, it was [phew] finally could, sigh of relief. Ready for Giants. Oh my god, it was [laughs] one of those things you don't forget."

Josh Norman thought the moment was picture perfect: "That's like one of those Kodak moments, one of those photos you just take. When that thing hit that crossbar I looked up at it, I was like, yeah that's a little bit of middle finger to you guys."

Kapri Bibbs had never heard a sweeter sound: "I love that noise better than anything else, so it was amazing."

D.J. Swearinger Sr. felt a weight get lifted from his shoulders: "Relief. Because our defense laid an egg, twice I feel like. It was relief. We've gotta be better in two-minute situations, we should have had that game won, it should have been 20-10, so we've got a lot of correcting to do as a defense. We played good to win it, but we need to be better in those crunch time situations."

Preston Smith was extremely confident: "It was great. We knew we weren't going into overtime. We got the win. It was do or die and they missed it. We're here today with a win."

Alex Smith went crazy…once he was sure it was over: "I was going nuts. I wasn't sure if Jay [Gruden] was going to try to call the timeout or not and try to ice him, play that game. I didn't know – you're looking around for any flags and making sure it's officially official. Then you're celebrating. It's a big win, it's hard, it's really really hard to win football games in this league, especially against a team like that within the division. It was a hard-fought game, and you don't always want them to come down to that kind of dramatic finish, but we'll take it."

Trent Williams immediately thought of NBC Sports Washington's Rich Tandler: "To be honest with you man, when that ball hit the goal post, for some reason I just thought about Rich, man. It's been a week ago today last time we spoke, and his untimely death was kind of a shock to us all and we all felt it. I know he enjoyed the seat that he had today, and not having to work, enjoying a good night of football. I definitely think he was with us today, and so blessed to even have a guy like that around and be able to get to know him so, you know. That's really what I was thinking."