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Orakpo Already Preparing For 2013


Redskins outside linebacker Brian Orakpo hasn't missed consecutive starts since his redshirt freshman year at the University of Texas, and hasn't missed consecutive starts as far back as he can remember. 

So the reality of missing the last four weeks of Redskins games is a foreign concept for Orakpo, who prides himself on his on-the-field production.

"I'm not a guy that just misses games like that," he said this morning in the locker room.  "In my whole career here, I've missed what, one game?  It's just not something I'm accustomed to, being out for the season, especially so early. 

"It's finally sunk in, so I'm just trying to get the best treatment now."

After tearing his pectoral muscle in the Week 2 game against the Rams, Orakpo got surgery and was placed on season-ending injured reserve. 

After progressing out of the sling last week, Orakpo returned to Redskins Park to support his teammates and prepare himself for 2013.

"[I had] a realization that there's no way that I can physically come back," he said of 2012.  "I would love to come back and help out any way that I can, but the facts are the facts and I'm out for the season. 

"It's something that I'm going to have to deal with, teammates have helped me cope with it, the coaches gave me support.  I'm just here to support my guys while they go out in battle."

Orakpo originally tore his pectoral during the Week 17 game against the Philadelphia Eagles last season.  After rehabbing successfully through the offseason, Orakpo re-aggravated the injury during the preseason, causing pain even before the final injury.

"You could see it wasn't right when I had my wraps and all kinds of stuff to compensate for the pain I was going through," he explained.  "It wasn't right, but I tried to just go out there and do what I can, and I tore it. 

"It's a physical, violent game that we play."

Doctors told the Redskins active sack leader that he is on target to be healthy four to six months after surgery.  In the meantime, he intends to watch games and film with his teammates and try to help out as an extra set of eyes on defense.

Not the same as being out on the field, but a lot easier than not being there at all.

"If I see anything when they're out there, hopefully I can have someone relay that to them," he said.  "If I see something that can help them, I always let them know."




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