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Patrick Ramsey, March 26 @ Mini-Camp

On the status of his right foot, which underwent surgery last season:

"It felt real good. It actually felt better than I thought it would. The ball felt really good coming off my hand. You know we've been throwing and meeting for a while now so it felt a lot better than it would have if I came out here cold turkey."

On if he did more today than he anticipated:

"No, I think that's what we expected. To do all the individual work but then sit out for all the 9-on-9 and the team stuff."

On how his foot felt during and after practice:

"It feels good. I can tell that there is some strength there that needs to be re-gained but at the same time it feels a lot better than it did dating back to October last year. I think we're being cautious and we're taking every precaution necessary in order to prevent a re-injury. I feel good about it, I'm not doing enough out there that makes me feel uncomfortable so if I were sore tomorrow we would step it down and back off a little bit."

On his impressions of the offense:

"I love what I've seen so far, I'm picking it up well. But it's going to take a while before we're going to be able to run it really well and the way coaches want it to be run. I think it's really some great stuff and I'm looking forward to it. I like the different looks that you give defenses and that the defense doesn't dictate what you do offensively."

On his comfort level with the quarterback situation:

"I am comfortable. Through everything Coach Gibbs has assured me that it is going to be an open competition for the starting job. From this point forward, my first concern is to get healthy and secondly is to fight for the starting job."

On if he ever demanded a trade:

"I never demanded a trade. The way I felt about it was that if I was coming in and Mark was going to come in and be the starter--and there would be no competition--then I didn't feel that was a great situation for me. I was assured that was not the situation and that's why I'm happy to still be here."

On when he thinks his foot will be 100 percent:

"I think that the trainers have made that evaluation to keep me out and they're sticking to it. I'd love to be going right now, but I'm not 100% right now. I think by the next mini-camp in may I'll be ready to go. At that point, we'll be able to evaluate it and more of the offense will be installed and I'll just have to play a little catch up here and there."

On today's practice:

"It was real good and I think that is a testament to this coaching staff. We put in a lot and did a lot of different plays and guys were able to pick it up. There weren't a lot of missed assignments. Everyone is really into it and playing well."

On how much he has talked to Mark (Brunell):

"We've talked a lot and spent the last couple weeks together and understand the situation and there has not been any tension. He's a great guy and I enjoy being around him and I've spent a lot of time with him the last two weeks. At least 4-5 hours a day."

On his current situation and the competition for the starting spot:

"It didn't really come as a shock. This is the NFL. It was a surprise but it's not something that's really going to shock you and your not above it in anyway. But it was a surprise but now it's a welcomed competition."

On the players reaction to Coach Gibbs:

"I can only speak individually, but it's very professional and its very structured. You know where you stand and it's demanding, which is good. It's a different system and it's pretty complex but the fact that we're doing these things from day one is a testament to this coaching staff."

On the vocabulary of the offense:

"There is quite a bit of new vocabulary but I think it seems like it's so much but I think that is because it is so new. All the vocab we use for shifts and motions may seem complex now but not so much when we are accustomed to it."

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